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There is something known as free will and men should realize that love cannot be forced upon, rather it just happens.
Gone are the days when women didn’t have a voice, thanks to the feminist movements around the globe, women can voice their feelings.
Women know if a man truly loves her or just loves her for something other than her beauty, money, power and status in society.
Most women love it when there men have sense of humor, wit and the gift of the gab, but what they despise is someone who shows off, belittles others and brings disruptive news in the garb of a joke.
We often hear of news where women are forced into relationships, by men who love them and they don’t reciprocate the same.
So no amount of fooling would ever work here, the tom foolery act is best left elsewhere, in the attic.
Think before you speak, make her laugh, admire her friends, speak well of her family, provide your opinions or feedback in private, be a gentleman and open the door for her, and pull that chair for her to sit.

This means, being sensitive to her emotions and surroundings, her needs and her desires too. Such relationships and marriages are a farce, and society still would say that men can do as they feel and women have to obey. When you do want women to fall for you, you need to be a gentleman in your words, actions and deeds, and not just by faking it. Women are smart and their intuitive qualities are higher than men, hence they automatically understand what is right and what is wrong. Just be a man with a heart that understands, empathizes and sympathizes, and everything will fall into place. Anthropologically speaking, a woman would want a man who she knows would give her space, love her, care for her and provide for the family too.
From time immemorial, women have always wanted men who could showcase a father figure, a best friend or a confidante in them.

Even if you work yourself out on a part time job, it shows that you are serious about the financial future, and this is what makes a woman feel safe.
When a woman lays trust in a man, she almost gives him his all, hence take very care on how you deal with her moods, emotions, wants and desires from the beginning, and don’t go over the top trying to impress her, she would walk away.
She doesn’t want your money, she just wants to know if you are matured enough to think ahead, out of the box and if you respect work as worship or not.

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