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I had already spoke to Andy’s friends and one of the ques­tions I had posed to them was — when it your birth­day. When Kurt told me that he was born on the 20th for the sake of me shar­ing my knowl­edge of how the num­bers influ­enced the day they were born on — he had for­got­ten that he had already told me the month he was born. I started laugh­ing and reminded him that he had already revealed to me his birth month ear­lier in the con­ver­sa­tion. I told him that I thought they (psy­chic) were frauds and had tricks of the trade to do exactly what I had just done.
Kurt asked me what I knew about Pisces and I started telling him about him­self in a way that was deep and per­sonal. Drawn from more than 250 new interviews—with mem­bers of Nir­vana, Pearl Jam, Soundgar­den, Alice in Chains, Scream­ing Trees, Hole, Melvins, Mud­honey, Green River, Mother Love Bone, Tem­ple of the Dog, Mad Sea­son, L7, Babes in Toy­land, 7 Year Bitch, TAD, the U-Men, Can­dle­box and many more—and fea­tur­ing pre­vi­ously untold sto­ries and never-before-published pho­tographs, Every­body Loves Our Town is at once a mov­ing, funny, lurid, and hugely insight­ful por­trait of an extra­or­di­nary musi­cal era. So other than a way to break the ice when cruising for a date, what is the Zodiac all about? 2) The origins of the zodiac can be traced back to Egypt (timekeeping and the science behind the calendar).
10) Astrology is more in depth than most people know and is not only determined by the date of your birth, but by the location of the sun relative to Earth at the time of birth. 13) Although the zodiac is divided up into twelve equal parts, the sun does not spend an equal amount of time in each sign.

Whether you believe in the zodiacs and astrology or not, there is some cool science and fun facts behind the whole idea of horoscopes. Our solar system is an awesome sight and contains an array of planets, moons, stars, comets, and asteroids. O’Brien was in the middle of shooting a scene in which a transport vehicle was involved. Join the uInterview community by following us on social media and downloading our mobile apps. The Miss Teen USA organization is doing away with the swimsuit competition, and is replacing it with an athletic wear competition.
Paula Shugart, the Miss Universe president, explained the decision to swap the bikini competition with the athletic wear competition in a memo to the pageant’s state of directors. The switch makes a lot of sense for the pageant, which has claimed that the purpose of the bikini contest has always been to show off contestants’ athleticism.
By definition, the Zodiac is a circle consisting of twelve 30° divisions that are centered upon the apparent path of the Sun over the course of the year.
This element will help keep your life in balance, term your compatibility with others and will also greatly influence your personality. If you were born under an air sign you tend to be very smart, but also unpredictable and elusive.

If you find yourself with an Earth sign you may be very down to earth, dependable and stable.
For example, Virgo takes up five times as much ecliptic longitude as Scorpius, leaving the others short. Stars die and create a supernova - a reaction so strong that a hole is created in the fabric of the space-time and nothing escapes it. I don’t talk about it to peo­ple who think it is bull or unsci­en­tific, but it is so uncanny. Although pickup lines have gotten a tad more sophisticated, the Zodiac and its twelve divisions (or signs) are still popular today.
Like Ein­stein (also a Pisces), I don’t see a sep­a­ra­tion between sci­ence and the mys­ti­cal. That is why you may hear people say, the moon is in Aries, or Gemini is close to the sun… The signs are not only a celestial occurrence, but people have lived their lives according to the predictions of their horoscopes.

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