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A farmer made an amazing discovery more than 130 years ago in a field outside Vettersfelde (now Witaszkowo) Poland.
In 1882 the rich artifacts found by chance in the Province of Brandenburg were collected, and some now reside in Staatliche Museena€™s Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) in Berlin. Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person.
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More than a year ago, FOTM first posted on the Obama regime’s admission (only because of a Freedom of Information Act request) that armed drones are deployed not just over war zones like Afghanistan, but also over the United States. We were told at the time that those drones in the sky over our heads are really for border patrol and to combat terrorism. Jordy Yager reports for The Hill that yesterday, June 19, 2013, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Robert Mueller admitted that the FBI uses drones for surveillance within the United States.
Mueller made the revelation amid a debate over National Security Agency programs used to collect U.S.

While Mueller told lawmakers that the FBI uses drones domestically only for surveillance purposes, members of Congress have had growing concerns over the use of armed drones.
The use of drones by the American military and the CIA to attack terrorists began under former President George W.
Obama laid out the administrationa€™s policy and rationale for the increased use of drone strikes abroad in a speech last month, saying that the U.S. In a letter to Congress the day before Obamaa€™s speech, Holder said that four Americans suspected of terrorism had been killed abroad in a€?counterterrorisma€? operations since 2009. It was last year in a speech at Northwestern University that Holder first laid out the Obama regimea€™s justification for targeting U.S. A strong likelihood that targeting the person would head off a future attack against the United States. So when we wake up some morning to the news that someone in the United States had been killed by a drone strike, you’ll know that Pres. He stumbled upon a great hoard of golden treasure, including dozens of ornaments dating back to the sixth century.

Archaeologists had been searching for the exact source of the discovery since World War II. We have very few and have limited use,a€? and that the FBI is in a€?the initial stagesa€? of developing privacy guidelines for how the agency balances civil liberty concerns with security threats. Bush, but President Obama has increased the use of the armed, unmanned aerial vehicles dramatically a€” largely in the Middle East a€” to target individuals his administration suspects are carrying out acts of terrorism. But the precise location of the cache was forgotten and unknQown to archaeologists until modern excavations revealed the site of the Vettersfelde Treasure. However, it wasna€™t until 2001 that investigations narrowed down and finally uncovered the exact location. The most widely known case, which initially prompted congressional concern, came in 2011 when U.S.

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