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True prosperity comes from understanding and living by the spiritual laws that govern our world.
Take a journey of spiritual enlightenment and discover the prosperity you were born to live. This is the most specific, detailed, and comprehensive album ever produced on how to manifest prosperity in your life. Living in accordance with the laws brings us peace, happiness and prosperity, while being misaligned with them brings about inner turmoil, suffering, and poverty. This means that there’s a specific way to become happy—happiness is not a haphazard, random proposition.
It means that although you are free to make choices, you are not free to choose the consequences of your choices. Many feel uncomfortably constrained by this concept, the idea that we must live in accordance with natural law in order to find happiness, the idea that freedom implies duty.
However, this misguided feeling comes from simply not understanding the loving nature of natural law.
Natural law is like a kite string and you are the kite—on the surface it may appear that the string holds the kite down, and that by cutting it the kite will fly higher. Natural laws are what allow you to fly and achieve your highest potential; by breaking them you will fail in your attempts to find happiness. Finding and consistently living your Soul Purpose is the only way to achieve lasting happiness and deep fulfillment.
One can generically live a life of relative virtue and contribution and find a measure of happiness, but Soul Purpose is the apex, the highest form of happiness.
Anything less than Soul Purpose is mediocrity relative to what you could have become and how happy you could have been.
While happiness is the constant North Star, Soul Purpose is the compass that points to the star and shows you how to get to it.

When you choose to rewrite your story, that story will be—or at least should be—a reflection of your Soul Purpose.
The ultimate purpose of discontentment is to prod you closer to your Soul Purpose; the more conscious you are of the purpose of discontentment the easier and faster you will find and live your divine purpose.
Where is “here?” This life is a testing ground, an opportunity to see if we will remember God, choose love, and create value or if we will remember our ego-self, choose fear, and take value.
How can we place the content of life (money, sex, status, etc.) in the proper context and find lasting happiness, rather than fleeting pleasure? Although you may not be fully aware of how to find it, you are hardwired to pursue happiness.
God gives you pain and discontentment in order that you might understand and enjoy happiness and to push you ever closer to the purpose for which you were born. To do so, however, requires operating from the spiritual realm, where your Soul Purpose exists fully formed, rather than the physical and mental realms. Steve D’Annunzio is the founder of the Soul Purpose Institute, the author of The Prosperity Paradigm, and a productivity trainer and life success coach to Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes, and high-performance entrepreneurs. A member of the Transformational Leadership Council, Steve has shared the stage with world-changers like Dr.
He uses principles of higher awareness to inspire others to be far greater versions of themselves than they ever knew to be possible.
He is an author and composer of many books, paradigms, and artistic projects that have the common theme of alleviating human suffering and enhancing joy. Then, you’ll replace it with prosperity consciousness to manifest money, health, great relationships, happiness, and strong spiritual harmony.
This album takes you through each of the Seven Spiritual Laws that govern prosperity—and how to apply them.
Natural laws are the code of the universe, the rules of existence that determine our happiness or lack thereof.

It means that you can’t be happy doing whatever you feel like doing heedless of the consequences. It means that there are natural results to all of your thoughts and actions, results that were determined with the creation of the universe. The reality is that the kite will tumble to the ground; the string is precisely the thing that allows the kite to fly. The more and better you rewrite your story, the more in alignment with your Soul Purpose you will become.
In either case, the message is the same: Transcend pain, suffering, and discontentment and achieve lasting happiness by finding and living your Soul Purpose. The highest form of happiness, and the way to achieve it, is by finding and living your Soul Purpose. For twenty years, he has been helping people identify their passion, develop it into a business idea, and deliver it to the world. By combining scientific and spiritual truth, he co-creates inner transformations for people to experience more outer prosperity in their life. The Pastor Chris Digital Library is a mobile platform that let's you purchase audio and video messages by Pastor Chris, spanning various life issues, such as Healing and Health, Faith, Christian Living, Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, Prayer, Prosperity and Finance right on your Android device. You’ll learn about faith, the principle of attraction, and even how to use creativity to get the bills paid! You can also get special notifications for newly published messages of Pastor Chris, and receive alerts on other freebies such as special offers, discounts, and lots more.

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