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With the start of the 2016 Olympic games today in Rio, one of the sports that can be watched on Day 1 is beach volleyball, which is in preliminary rounds. Though Gibb has participated in the Olympics twice before, this will be Casey Patterson’s first ever time playing in the Olympics. This negative opinion of course did not last, and Gibb and Patterson became a successful team. You might not expect a trash talking beach volleyball player with the styled blonde hair of a surfer to be a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. After his mission in Arkansas, Patterson attended college, going to Brigham Young University in Utah after a semester at Utah Valley University, on a volleyball scholarship. In addition to playing volleyball, Patterson met a native of Utah while at BYU named Lexi Brown. Before that, Jake Gibb had been in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics with his then-partner Sean Rosenthal.
Their match record in 2013 was 30-5, and the pair won the US Volleyball Beach Team of the Year.
But afterward, having ended up with a fifth-place finish in both Olympics, Gibb and Rosenthal decided to part ways. Lexi was also an impressive college volleyball player, named Academic All-MWC after a senior year that saw her lead the team seven times in hitting percentage. It took 13 years and a new partner to make it to the Olympics, but here he is, looking to impress, surprise, and most importantly, take home the gold for the US. He has also said that the so-called party vibe of the beach volleyball scene is overstated, making it far easier for someone of Mormon faith to fit in. According to the Daily News, a mutual friend of theirs had the two of them over for a barbecue, and the chemistry evolved naturally from there. In a piece for The Players’ Tribune, Jake Gibb admitted to having been rubbed the wrong way by Patterson at first, noting the aggressive cockiness he showed at such a young age. He’s a fan favorite, for sure, but if he’s playing against your team, he gets under your skin.

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