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There are loads of online guides with betting tips and strategies that will help you get started. To sum all gudies and tips, is that you need to look at stats rather then following your guts when it comes to choosing a winning team in football betting. Imagine you had your hands a series of private reports that finally revealed the shocking truth about betting!! In a perfect world, there would be no need for this report, but in the betting world things are far from perfect. You might already be feeling angry about the tipster service that promised you regular winners, but lost you a ton of cash. You might be close to giving up after being let down by yet another useless betting system. You might even be tempted to start betting, but don’t want to get your fingers burnt because of all the horror stories you’ve heard.
These days it can almost feel that a hour doesn’t pass without a very convincing tipster email dropping in your inbox, promising you untold betting riches and the moon on a stick for only ?499.99 upfront! Everything on the outside looks very professional and compelling so you might as well join, after all no-one would go to so much trouble to rip you off like this would they?? Sadly, yes they would as there are plenty of people out there trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
Sadly for many of us it does and the situations above will no doubt ring true for countless people.
It’s a sad fact that just as betting becomes more and more popular these days, so as well do the number of people trying to swindle a quick buck out of you. It may come as no surprise to you to learn that there is a whole network of scam-artists and conmen who connive together to rip you off when it comes to betting and tipsters. And now, nearly a decade later, we can say with full confidence that you can make money betting. Not just a few quid here or there either as we have made ?1000’s in just one weekend before. Here at the Secret Betting Club we have compiled a list of all the very best performing tipsters & systems that MAKE MONEY BETTING. And when we say make money betting, we don’t only mean just ?10 here and ?20 there, but the chance to make some serious amounts of cash, all totally tax free! This winning information has come via years of working closely in the betting industry, investigating the good the bad and the ugly of the tipster world. Through our continuously updated reports you will soon be in a position to make yourself money from betting (and all totally tax-free). Whether it is to simply make a bit of extra cash to go on holiday each year or a genuine attempt to make betting your full-time occupation, we can help you. Each year we produce on average 6 Tipster Profit Reports and 6 Secret Betting Club Magazines exclusively for SBC Members, the contents of which will finally help you make money betting – let us show you how!
Plus the latest on our Hall of Fame tipsters – those we firmly recommend to make YOU money betting.
Tipster Best Buy Tables – The A to Z on the best performers over the past 12 months & more!
Plus much more besides including the latest reports for 29 of the very best racing tipsters we monitor for SBC members.
Each Tipster Profit Report is quite literally your ticket to finding out just who the best-rated tipster services actually are…those that can make you money.
Each report contains the exact profit and loss details of over 60 different short-listed tipsters so you can see how they have performed both over the short and long-term. These are the very best tipsters when it comes to betting and by gaining access to this report, you will know exactly who is in profit, who is in form and who to follow with your own money. The SBC Tipster Profit Report is the only genuine place you can find out about the best tipsters and it’s no exaggeration to say it could transform your betting!!
To illustrate the power of each Tipster Profit Report, check out the example table below as taken from a recent Tipster Profit Report. It features the top 10 tipster services based upon their annual profit if working to a ?2000 betting bank. Even Service 10, would have more than doubled your starting bank in an average year with a profit of ?2,416.00!
What’s more, we are uncovering more and more top tipsters all the time as can also be observed by the new entry at numbers 2 and 6 in the table above.
In each full Report, you can find a full rundown of each of the top services, who they are and how much they have made both in recent months and over the fullness of time. Your advice, and the advice i gained from the pro-betting guide has been the catalyst that has taken my earnings from betting into a new league – So thanks a million! Our Tipster Tables are also designed to be completely realistic, so you can also find out the total profits after all costs have been deducted, such as tipster subscription fees.
For example, check out the top tipsters from our Best Overall Tipster Service table below, which lists the top performing tipsters from the last 12 months if working to a ?2000 betting bank. Once again, we have blanked out the names as this is for full members only (after all, it’s a secret!), but as you can see – the top tipsters are making an excellent profit.
The highlight of this table is clearly Service 1 who made a ?10,483.00 profit in the past 12 months and all from just the ?2,000 starting point. He utilises bookie specials, accas and shrewd low-risk bets to make some very easy to follow profits.
The latest in a series of special Secret Betting Club Reports has just been published and this time out we are looking at how you can increase your profits by utilising some very simple multiple betting strategies. As part of an extra special investigation, we have just released a new and unique report focusing on 8 free tipsters with a great track record of tipping success. All told, the 8 experts advise bets in fields such as Political Betting, Rugby, Horse Racing, Cricket, Golf, Snooker, Tennis, Cycling, Football and reality shows like the X-Factor. They are all available to follow for free via one concise website and post regular updates complete with full descriptions on just what they have tipped and why. The free multi-sport tipster with a 15.4% ROI from 843 bets and excellent results at Betfair SP when betting on horse racing. As a member not only do you benefit from access to our unique Tipster Profit Reports but you also receive regular issues of our fantastic Secret Betting Club (SBC) Magazine.
Each SBC magazine is jam-packed with all the latest reviews on new tipster services, betting systems, betting software and much more besides.
These reviews are always in-depth, honest, independent and totally trust-worthy as a Secret Betting Club recommendation is much sought-after by many in the betting industry. I have become a massive fan of your service since joining a few months ago and you have put me on to a number of services I would never have considered myself, and also saved me from following a few dodgy ones.
Each issue of the SBC Magazine regularly clocks in at over 30 pages long and is rammed full of fresh information, reviews and news that is available exclusively to our members only. The horse racing service that would have increased your starting bank nearly 10 times over since it began!
The horse racing tipster that the bookies can’t stand as since April 2004 he has racked up the profits year-in, year-out. The little-known racing tipster service, which in a year’s proofing to us, grew its betting bank by a fantastic 374.59%! Plus many, many more tipsters and systems that we continually uncover and report back to you about each month.
You can also now access our 4 fantastic US Sports Tipster Reports, which have been specifically designed to help explain to you how to make money betting on American Sports. All of this is based on several years research we put into investigating the US Tipster & Betting markets in order to discover how to make money betting stateside.
We spoke with numerous tipsters, proofed thousands of results, emailed countless people and did everything we could to build up a dossier of information on just how we can help you make money betting on US Sports.
You can find out who the very best betting US Sports tipsters genuinely are via the in-depth reviews published in these 4 reports.
The outstanding high-volume MLB (Baseball) tipster who has more than doubled his followers betting banks in each of the last 2 seasons. The NFL (American Football) tipping model with a 10% ROI from over 1100 bets in the past 4 years betting against the spread.
The NBA (Basketball) Tipster with 153% betting bank growth (or ROC) over his first 3 seasons tipping.
Each in-depth article has been designed to explain to the relative beginner all aspects of betting on the sports.
How each sport works – Competition structure, frequency of games, how the winner is decided + anything else its vital to know. The type of bets –Each of the most popular form of bets explained for every sport, how they work, pros and cons for each type. Bookmakers to use – The main bookmakers to use for each bet and the sport in general. I have been a member of the Secret Betting Club for around 6 years now and can only say that they have changed my betting life completely. During the 10 years we have been running the Secret Betting Club, we have painstakingly reviewed, proofed and tracked hundreds, if not thousands of tipsters…all with the goal of finding the very best ones proven to make you money.
The tipsters featured inside the 2016 Best Tipster Guide are amongst the very best, most profitable we have uncovered over the past decade. One of the very best tipsters we have monitored for some time is this fantastic football service, which provides tips as generated by 3 profitable systems. The best performing system has a tremendous record – showcasing 108 points profit from 905 bets at 12% ROI over the past 4 seasons.
The other 2 football tipster systems have made 204 points profit from 3114 bets and 157.9 points profit from 2739 bets respectively.
It takes a special tipster to make a profit 7 years on the bounce, but this is exactly what this racing guru has achieved – averaging 76 points profit each year since 2009!
In the last 2 full years (2014 and 2015), this tipster made 117 and 89 points profit at Return on Investment figures of 35% and 27% respectively.
This outstanding racing tipster has been a firm favourite of SBC members for several years and it is easy to see why, given the 779 points profit made over the past 5 years. In our special review analysis we explore in great depth the profitability of this service and just why it is so popular. Our in-depth review explores all aspects of the tips provided and is penned by a long-term member of the SBC review team who has personally followed this tipster to great success for several years. This proven football expert has made a major impression on punters over the past few years, thanks to his consistently profitable tipping approach. Our expert review explores all aspects of his football tipping output and is written by a member of our review team who has personally followed it and profited from their advice for several years.

This tipster has been reviewed for the first time ever in the 2016 Best Tipster Guide after impressing us hugely over their first 2 years of proofing directly to us.
Our review outlines the profits genuinely made betting on exchanges like Betfair (10.1% ROI from 9,987 bets) as well as with the bookmakers since 2013 from following their tips.
With demand high expected for membership spaces, we have secured exclusive spaces for those with the Best Tipster Guide only as well as a significant discount. The reviews in the Best Tipster Guide have been put together by members of the SBC review team who have personally followed each tipster as part of their own profitable betting quest. Therefore, they are sharing their own real-life experiences based on a deep understanding of how each tipster works. The 2016 Best Tipster Guide also features additional contributions from many regular punters on just why they rate and follow each tipster service featured. Remember the tipsters listed in the guide have proven their success to us over the past 10 years, during which time they have each made significant profits for many Secret Betting Club members.
If you need further convincing, be assured that we only review and recommend the right services. It simply would not be worth considering, as if we were to advise a duff service it would cost us a fortune as each of our members would request their money back!
Therefore each service we review has to meet strict criteria to be put forward for recommendation. We also do not take advertisements and our reports are purely editorial with carefully researched information. We are also proud to have a clear non-affiliate policy which means we never take a cut or make a profit share from any product or system we review.
This is vitally important though as many people are caught out these days by ‘free review’ websites who are biased towards the services or systems they review.
With the Secret Betting Club you can be 100% confident that all our reviews and reports are completely independent.
Our magazines and reports also regularly feature specialist articles from a whole host of betting experts and professional gamblers to help you understand new and unique ways of succeeding from betting. These are written by leaders in their fields and contain amazing insight into the secrets that professionals employ.
Our exclusive special 30+ page ‘Expert Guide to Greyhound Betting’ based on professional gambler Dan James’s insider knowledge of the sport. Our guide on how to make money betting on a budget, as our Editor Peter Ling, walks you through his own methods and approach. A fantastic look at the impact of draw bias at the Chester racecourse and how you can use these stats to make a profit if you know what to look for.
A look at how by utilising the ‘doubles’ market you can help to squeeze out each profits from your betting. Advice from one of our professional gambler contacts who explains a great strategy on 16 runner handicap races and how to profit from them. Our three part essential guide to in play football betting including full beginners guides and expert insight. In our magazines we also regularly feature in-depth interviews and expert advice from a whole range of betting industry figures – all designed to help you make money from your own betting.
An exclusive interview with a former odds compiler, turned bookmaker consultant who lifts the lid on what goes on behind the scenes at the bookies. Luckily with the help of SBC I seem to have found some kind of steady success at gambling which is making life interesting and more than bearable. For those of you looking for real-life guidance on how to make a profit using tipsters, then you will also love our members-only Bet Diary. The SBC Bet Diary was introduced in January 2015 with the goal of helping to communicate some of the practical realities of following tipsters to make money betting. Rowan has been punting for profit using tipsters for several years and is a shrewd and canny operator who knows how to make money betting. For those of you after even more help, you are also welcome to email Rowan and ask his advice on any aspect of your betting and tipster following life!
Each Practical Punter is penned by a semi-pro or fully-pro gambler who helps to explore everything from the sports they bet on to the exact make-up of their betting portfolio (namely the tipsters they follow!).
The idea behind each Practical Punter Report is to provide both inspiration and encouragement to those trying to achieve the same goal – making money through tipsters. Access to both the Bet Diary & Practical Punter Reports is supplied to all SBC members with either a Gold or Platinum subscription. As an SBC subscriber you also gain exclusive access to our members-only betting forum, which is home to some very profitable tipping threads for you to follow on a daily basis. At any given moment there are numerous threads run either by professional tipster services trying to prove themselves or individual experts simply keen to share their own knowledge.
Chasemaster Racing Tips: This proven racing tipster has made a significant profit since 2008 and they have agreed to share all bets for free with SBC members until November 2016! Pilelist Racing Tips: Over the past two years, the Pilelist Racing service have made a 24% ROI from 579 bets (all advised either later morning or early afternoon at easily obtainable odds!). As an SBC member you can pick up ALL of Pilelist Racing’s tips FREE via access to the SBC members only forum.
At any given moment there are dozens of tipping threads on the SBC Forum for you to check out, with many of them providing effectively free tips to go alongside your SBC membership!
As a Secret Betting Club member you can benefit from a large number of exclusive special deals, free trials and large discounts on many of the very best tipster services. Very often you can also find yourself saving more than the cost of joining us at SBC with some of these deals! If you regularly pay for betting tipsters or products – you really ought to have a Secret Betting Club membership.
These deals and offers are all thanks to the combined power of the Secret Betting Club, where through our unique contacts, we are able to negotiate exclusive deals for our members.
It’s not only discounts and free trials that you can access as a Secret Betting Club member but very often priority subscription deals for the most popular of services. Occasionally the very best tipsters apply membership number limits to protect the quality of service. As you can probably tell by now, we are not here to sell you a system, premium line number or tell you about our stable contacts with insider information. Equally we are not going to tell you a pack of lies or cleverly dress up results in order to get you to join any service of ours.
WHAT WE WILL DO to is supply you with our regular reports and reveal to you details on the top tipsters and systems that make money betting. The dream of earning fortunes a year from betting can be done but here at the Secret Betting Club we work to realistic profit figures. This is a world away from the claims that so many glossy leaflet tipsters suggest of making millions of pounds overnight with the luxury yachts, attractive women (or men for our female readers!!), champagne and the rich and famous lifestyle that accompanies it. We can’t make you famous or more attractive to the opposite sex, but we can help make you some very good sums of money from betting. All of this is made through following a few of the key tipsters that we have spent years and years (not to mention thousands of pounds in subscription fees) monitoring and researching on your behalf. Not only this but we back these services so much we are prepared to put our money on the line and offer you a fantastic risk free subscription offer that means you have absolutely nothing to lose if joining.
In 2007, I joined SBC which opened my eyes…I keep records of all bets and the records show I am slowly making money from using sensible staking plans.
To date we have uncovered dozens of superb profitable services all of which combined can start to make you money betting.
You don’t even need a big amount of money to begin with as even starting with only a small betting bank, in time you can gradually grow this up to a full-time income like many of our members. We are fully dedicated to helping those of you who have only a relatively small budget to get started with. There are plenty of free and very affordable ways for those of you on a budget to begin making money betting!!
I have been conned and ripped off something terrible in the past, with betting softwares, systems, programs, junk, scams, all sorts of garbage. The great thing about our service is that there is absolutely no risk to you if joining us if choosing either our Gold or Platinum membership options, which come with a full 90-day money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason! Sign-up for either a Gold or Platinum membership and if you like what you see, you can get your money back at any time during your first 90 days with us. Subscribe to the Secret Betting Club and if during your first 90 days membership you feel for any reason whatsoever that we won’t be able to help you make money betting then you can get your subscription fee back. And when its offered on terms such as ours where you can get it effectively for free within the first 30 days, it’s an offer not to be missed!!
I found SBC which was a eureka moment for me….I would like to thank Mike and Dan for a wonderful service and wish all members continued success.
Think about it, because if our service didn’t help you out, there is no way we would have been in existence since 2006 and have thousands of satisfied members. How to win at sports betting – If you want to win at sports betting you will have a better way to look at this is to believe that you can make money at sports betting by being smart and trying.
One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to make money betting on sport is that they don’t separate their betting funds from their everyday money.
This money will be used for betting only and will not be mixed with everyday expenses, neither will it be touched to pay for anything else.
Most of us are guilty of this at one stage or the other but it’s something that needs to be addressed and nipped in the bud very early. Betting on something that you don’t really know about is quite plainly a bad idea, but something that many people do. Betting while drinking alcohol is a complete no-no, but I’d imagine you know this already. In my experience of betting I’ve learnt a lot about how bookies operate and have been on the end of suspensions and account closures for a number of reasons.
Grab ?200 free by joining Bet365 todayIf I was told that I could use just one bookie then I would choose Bet365.
Bet365 also have an amazing amount of live streaming sporting events making it far easier to make money. If you tend to stick to horse racing and football then you quite simply can’t go wrong with Paddy Power. Sports betting is a big industry and if you are someone who follows a sport passionately, you can easily make some extra money on the side. Some habitual gamblers bet on different sports, irrespective of their knowledge, interest or experience. If possible, you should take part in the sport of your choice at the amateur level as it will help you understand the technicalities involved.

G10vanni7, a Greek Betfair trader, has just published in his betting blog an image proving that trading football games before the kick off can make you money.
I myself have discussed about the trading options available before kick off in an article based on the Champions League Final in 2007. There’s no better proof that trading instead of betting in football games before the kick off is profitable than this image! By advantage gambling and investing with real money online, I put my money where my mouth is. It’s actually possible to earn a good amount of cash on football betting if you know what you are doing.
Look at statistics and the history between the teams, find out if all the best players are in the starting eleven and of course the last games that they played.
Year after year we refined the list, putting more money on the genuine winners as our bank grew and grew. Now you can access this list of all the best performing tipsters, systems & strategies that quite simply MAKE MONEY BETTING. In the last 12 months alone, from a ?2000 starting point you would have made ?6835 profit AFTER subs fees! The profitable football tipster off to a flyer already this season with 119% ROI from the first 2 months!
The new fantastic ‘Hall of Fame’ expert making big profits (Over 1000 bets and a 25% ROI so far!). The top-rated service on-fire with a 50% Return on Investment since March (And 30% ROI long-term). This table also includes other key figures such as Return on Investment (12 month ROI) and Return on Capital (12 month ROC). Read about our exclusive live bet testing and how we mirrored these returns with real-life bookmaker accounts.
Whether it be betting on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or any other predominately US based sport, we have plenty to help you including.. All of which is based on a very simple 1-bet-a-day strategy that has proven to last the test of time. As a reader of the Best Tipster Guide, you can also benefit from an exclusive discount on the usual cost of membership. His record of success is second to none and we consider him better than the likes of Tom Segal or Hugh Taylor, based not just on how profitable he is, but how achievable it is to obtain his advised prices.
It is fair to say they are something of a ‘hidden gem’ as very few people know about them currently. Not potentially profitable or ‘were once profitable’…but genuinely long-term profitable tipsters. We have very high expectations and demand nothing but the best as our members will testify.
Nothing goes in our reports for recommendation unless we know it is profitable and will be of benefit to you. That way all members know our reviews are 100% accurate and genuine, with no hidden agendas! This is because they take a commission for every sale they refer, so you need to be very careful who you trust. Get all his hints and tips on getting started plus his own simple method of testing out a new tipster –how he expects with just one tipster to make ?2,3377.50 in a 12 month period without breaking the bank. Written by David Renham, a renowned expert when it comes to horse racing systems and statistics, it’s a must-read article for anyone who bets at Chester. Bookies hate these kind of races as they are extremely vulnerable to canny punters who know how to use them to their advantage.
Find out all about this new and exciting way of betting on football and exactly how easy it is to understand ‘Asian Handicaps’ with our comprehensive guide.
Find out his suggestions for where and with whom to bet including the bookmakers who are vulnerable and the markets to watch out for. Find out just how he learnt to make money betting and how you can follow his profitable racing tips for free. Including revealing interviews with the likes of Laurence Lambourn, Ed Hawkins, Simon Hopper, Russell Clarke, Ben Linfoot, Goran Trpevski, Phil Brown & Will Lattimore.
Through Rowan’s regular diary updates you can read all about his progress, the tipsters he follows, the bookmakers he uses and lots else in-between.
They are also in great form with 89 points profit at 44.72% ROI from their last 6 months of tips (Correct as of June 2016).
Very often these tipsters will offer Secret Betting Club members the first option to join before anyone else!
Betting to win is not merely for the already rich of us, and anyone from even a small starting point can begin to make money. Since becoming a SBC member about 6 months ago, I have been really and truly enlightened and amazed at what is really out there for serious people such as myself….
It is only through having the experts doing all the required researching and testing for you can you expect to make an actual profit. With these guarantees we place our livelihoods on the line that we will make you money betting! We hope that this guarantee helps reveal our confidence in the service we can provide to you. If you don’t sort this out early then you will never know exactly where you stand and will never truly know if your betting is profitable in the long run. Looking at the odds of something and then betting accordingly with no knowledge is a mistake. If you have a designated betting fund of ?500 any stake over ?25 (5% of total available) is quite literally too much.
Accumulators should be recreational bets only that require small stakes, most definitely not the kind of bet that can offer regular returns.
With this in mind, I can highly recommend the following bookmakers which I believe are the best to use to make money betting on sports, I won’t bother mentioning the bad ones. Their range of betting markets is amazing and they have the best in-play betting options bar none. Aside from their ?50 free welcome bet and cash back promotions they offer some truly amazing odds, some of which are way out of line with other bookmakers. Sports betting is no different than other forms of gambling when it comes to prudence and sensible decisions but you have the added advantage of knowledge and experience with a particular sport before you decide to put money on it. Only a diver knows how deep the water is, similarly, a player has a much better understanding of the game as compared to someone who has never tried his hand at it. There is no shortage of books and magazines on sports and there are tons of popular websites which give live updates and coverage reports. Most betfair traders trade the UK horse racing markets while others prefer trading the odds during a football game, when the in-play odds move a lot. Obviously the odds movement wasn’t that spectacular as this one but there were still possibilities for making money.
Since you probably love football, know your teams and most of the players, you probably have a good idea about which teams that will win or lose in certain matches. There you get great tips and guides that help you get started and that also can give you an idea about how to bet to earn the most money. A big and great team can be in a bad shape and have low moral while the other team can play with great confident and high moral. They weren’t independent or trying to help you, instead they just wanted their sales commission! Unlike with Tom or Hugh, his tips don’t go crashing down in price after they are published! His value betting approach has allowed him to deliver consistently profitable results each year –  I have been a willing beneficiary of these tips.
Get started now and learn from the best with our interview with the professional footballer turned in-play betting expert! These kind of bets are normally placed when there is not a lot happening and bets are placed just for the sake of it.
Rather than remaining calm and waiting for the next good bet, many get drawn into placing unreasonable bets with amounts that are too large.
If betting on football (mainly asian handicap markets) you will find that day to day they will have far more games available to bet on than other sites.
If you want to make money betting then these guys should be part of your betting portfolio. Knowledge gives you insight and knowing a particular team or players can help you better assess the situation and predict results. If you are aware of recent changes and latest news, you can make better, more informed decisions. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that you will always win; however, if you are careful you can minimize your losses and remain in profit. However, another possibility for profitable trading in Betfair is trading the fixed odds before the football game starts as g10vanni7’s picture proves. In other words, you can use your football knowledge and your passion to make your wallet thicker. There are lots of things to keep in mind and it’s your job to find these things and to make a conclusion of it. Well if you read this guide on how to make money betting on sports by avoiding very common errors then you will be well on your way. I’m talking about the people that feel they can make regular cash from betting but getting nowhere fast.
Betting is not easy, but the following information should help you on your way to making some money.
For instance in a football game you are updated on how dominant a team is (number of dangerous attacks, shots on target etc). Although the amount of money won isn’t such a big deal, the profit percentage is outstanding!

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