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This body movement, of Leaning Back And Exposing The Crotch, is a movement that signifies calmness, dominance and challengin the other person.
When a man is Leaning Forward With Crossed Arms, this body movement signifies the end of a meeting or a conversation. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. We lean against other people or objects to show a territorial claim to that person or object.
An easy way to intimidate someone is to lean against, sit on or use their possessions without their permission.
A salesperson calling on a customer at his home should ask, 'Which chair is yours?' before he sits, because sitting in the wrong chair intimidates its owner and puts him offside.
Some people are habitual doorway leaners and go through life intimidating everyone from first introduction.
Michael Jackson's purpose in his infamous 'baby dangling' incident was to close the distance between the baby and the fans so that they could experience temporary 'ownership' of the baby.
If the boss's chair has no arms - which is unlikely as this is usually a feature of the visitor's chair - he may be seen with one or both feet on the desk. Experimental psychologists in research studies found that participants either viewing or enacting an expansive standing pose leaning over a desk with hands spread rated it as an unambiguous power pose.
Historically, raising or lowering the height of your body in front of another person has been used as a means of establishing superior-subordinate relationships. Superior people can sometimes get on their 'high horses', 'rise to the occasion', 'put themselves on a pedestal' or become 'high and mighty'.
Most women curtsy when they meet royalty and men incline their heads or remove their hats, making themselves appear smaller than the royal person. Some Japanese businesses have reintroduced the 'bowing machine', which teaches staff the exact angle to bow to a customer, usually 15 degrees for a customer who is 'just looking' and up to 45 degrees for a purchaser. Despite what it may be politically correct to believe about height, studies convincingly show that taller people are more successful, healthier and live longer than short people. It can be readily observed, and has been documented in several studies, how top-level managers are significantly taller than everyone else. People who are 'perceived' as tall also do better in politics on television: on-screen people may be only six inches tall (15cm) depending on your screen size, so we are left subconsciously to decide how tall the person really is.
In Britain, Philip Heinicy, a 6 feet 8 inches (2m) tall chemical salesperson, formed the Tall Person's Club to promote the practical, medical and social needs of the taller members or society.
A person will always be superior and protective on his own territory, especially in his own home, and so practicing submissive gestures and behavior is effective for getting the person on side with you.
To understand how perceived height can make a difference, on one occasion two political leaders were invited to give two television debates about how they would run the country. It's possible to avoid intimidating others by consciously making yourself appear smaller in relation to them.
Considering that under these circumstances the police officer is in the superior position to you, this behavior serves only to make things go from bad to worse and your chances of getting a ticket are increased. Immediately get out of your car (your territory) and go fowards to the police officer's car (his territory). Lower your own status by telling the officer how irresponsible you've been and raise his status by thanking him for pointing out your mistake and telling him that you realize how difficult his job must be, having to deal with fools like you.
This behavior shows the police officer that you are not a threat and encourages him to take the role of a reprimanding parent, in which case he may decide to give you a stern warning and tell you to be on your way - without a ticket!
The same technique can be used to calm an irate customer who is returning a defective product to a retail store or wants to complain about something. Polish anthropologist, Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski, found that - in an ideal relationship - trust, money and respect are less important than the height difference ratio 1 to 1.09. If you are a shorter person, there are several strategies you can employ to neutralize the power of taller people who set out to intimidate you.
Height differences have a significant impact on relationships but height and power are often just perceptions. On the other hand, one of the things my recovery has brought to light is how uncomfortable I feel around other human beings I don’t know well. That’s my next point — I am not as good at reading human body language as I would like to be! Indeed, the whole Expo experience actually made me painfully aware of how lonely and isolated I feel around other humans with whom I’m not intimate.
Which is exactly what this NPR segment was about — human body language, faking it, and recovery from brain injury!
The NPR program was a TED Radio Hour, and it featured TED talks on language (another one of my favorite topics).
She got frustrated, teaching at Harvard Business School, by how male students would take up most of the discussion time and space, and women were not taking that space — literally. Well, those of us who have been doing DNRS are very desirous of lowering the cortisol levels in our bodies!
Strategies to reduce the release of cortisol in my body or to stimulate the release of other hormones that counteract the effects of cortisol has been a big part of my recovery strategy.
What are the “power postures” that lower our cortisol and raise testosterone, giving us a sense of power, confidence, and calm?
Me in September, working on Tree Pose, which just also happens to be the Pride Pose, according to social psychologists! October: It’s not enough to just STAND in that pose, I actually have to JUMP in the air to get even taller and more celebratory (and because I can)! In March, on the balcony at my hotel room in Norfolk, Virginia, for Clicker Expo — the realization of a dream of many years. Part of the DNRS program is to choose a proclamation that says where you want to be, what your overall goal is.
This is one of the basic principles of behaviorism — the more you practice doing something, the more you do it! And that really resonated with me because I want to tell you a little story about being an imposter and feeling like I’m not supposed to be here. I got tears in my eyes listening to this on the radio last night, and I have tears in my eyes rereading it now because I feel like this is my story, too. But I can definitely see how it could feel challenging — like an internal conflict, perhaps.
BTW, there are many, many resources to help people with Asperger’s Syndrome to learn to read human body language and facial expressions.
Wonderful and inspiring post Sharon ~ ? ~ I had also been touched by watching this ted talk a couple of time before. This was cool I’ve just recently done my adapted version of victory at the end of my proclamation for EMFS. I’m loving the victory pose though as its been so many years since I could do even an adapted form of that. I think you could do an adapted version of Wonder Woman, or probably Victory, too, because the main thing is to be expansive, so I don’t think the particulars of the pose are as important as taking up space, lifting chin, chest out, relaxed, you know? A sitting position of Leaning Towards The Knees, signifies resistance and even challenging the other person and trying to provoke him.
My partner and I had a meeting the other day with one of our clients in the property management business. At 6am he is on the job, running from one place to the next, and he only gets to see his wife and kids on the weekends. So my partner Sol asks him what he was doing prior to opening his property management business a few years back. Sol looks at him and tells him “look at yourself, you wanted to escape the 9 o’clock and your boss, right? If you start a business, become an entrepreneur because you want freedom, be your own boss and work your own hours, you came to the wrong place. So if you were thinking of opening your own business because it sounds really cool, you might wanna rethink that decision.
People rarely think consciously about the effect of many of the seemingly simple non-verbal things they do. This chapter covers some of the most common head gestures and body language clusters you are likely to see in your day-to-day dealings with others. After you've asked a question and the listener gives his answer nod your head during his answer. Research also indicates that the Head Shake, usually meaning 'No', may also be an inborn action and evolutionary biologists believe that it's the first gesture humans learn. When someone is trying to convince you, watch if they use the Head Shake gesture while saying they agree. When the head is lifted high with the chin jutting forward it signals superiority, fearlessness or arrogance. Tilting the head to the side is a submission signal because it exposes the throat and neck and makes the person look smaller and less threatening.
Charles Darwin was one of the first to note that humans, as well as animals - especially dogs - tilt their heads to one side when they become interested in something.
Studies of paintings from the last two thousand years show that women are depicted three times as often as men using the Head-Tilt and women are shown in advertisements tilting their heads three times as often as men. If you are giving a presentation or delivering a speech, make a point of looking for this gesture among your audience.
When the chin is down, it signals that a negative, judgemental or aggressive attitude exists. Experienced conference speakers and presenters will take action to involve their audience and get participation before they begin their presentation. The English have a peculiar greeting gesture called the Head Twist, which involves putting the head down while simultaneously twisting the head to one side.
Raising the shoulders and pulling the head down between them lets a person protect the vulnerable neck and throat from injury.
When someone walks past others who are talking, admiring a view or listening to a speaker, they pull their head down, turn their shoulders in and try to appear smaller and less significant.
When a person disapproves of the opinions or attitudes of others but doesn't want to say anything, displacement gestures are likely to occur, that is, apparently innocent body language gestures that reveal a withheld opinion. Open your palms and say, 'What do you think?' or, 'I can see you have some thoughts on this. To appear bigger for fighting or courting rituals, birds will fluff their feathers, fish can expand their body size by sucking in water and cats or dogs make their fur stand on end. Hands-on-Hips is used by the child arguing with its parent, the athlete waiting for his event to begin, the boxer waiting for the bout to start and males who want to issue a non-verbal challenge to other males who enter their territory.
Also known as the 'readiness' gesture, that is, the person is ready for assertive action, its basic meaning carries a subtly aggressive attitude everywhere. It's important to consider the context and other body language immediately preceding the Hands-on-Hips pose in order to make an accurate assessment of the person's attitude. These aggressive-readiness clusters are used by professional models to give the impression that their clothing is for the modern, assertive, forward-thinking woman.
Thumbs tucked into the belt or into the tops of the pockets, frames the genital area and is a display used mainly by men to show a sexually aggressive attitude. Also jokingly called the Man-of-the-Long-Thumbs gesture, the arms take the readiness position and the hands serve as central indicators, highlighting the genitals. This gesture tells others, 'I am virile - I can dominate' which is why it's a regular for men on the prowl. This gesture is principally used by men, but women wearing jeans or pants can occasionally be seen doing it too.
The next image shows two men sizing each other up, using the characteristic Hands-on-Hips gesture.
The next illustration shows two men sizing each other up, using the characteristic Hands-on-Hips and Thumbs-in-Belt gestures. Their conversation may not overtly sound strained but a relaxed atmosphere won't exist until their Hands-on-Hips gestures are dropped and more open gestures are used. Even though Adolf Hitler used the Hands-on-Hips gesture to try to appear authoritative for publicity photographs he still could not stop his left hand from crossing his body and attempting to cover his solitary testicle. This is almost entirely a male gesture and is also seen among apes who are trying to establish authority over other apes. Research videos taken at a number of meetings reveal that many women respond by crossing their legs and arms, which immediately puts them on the defensive. It is common to see two male friends laughing and joking with each other while sitting this way, but let's consider its impact in different circumstances.
As long as the boss's leg stays over the arm of the chair, his indifferent attitude will persist. The Leg-Over-the-Arm-of-Chair can be annoying when it occurs during negotiation, and it is vital to make that person change position because the longer he stays in it, the longer he will have an indifferent or aggressive attitude. Centuries ago, men used shields to protect themselves from the spears and clubs of the enemy, and today, civilized man uses whatever he has at his disposal to symbolize this same protective behavior when he is under physical or verbal attack. The back of the chair acts as a shield to protect the body and can transform a person into an aggressive, dominant personality.
The easiest way to disarm the Straddler is to stand up or sit behind him, making him feel vulnerable to attack and forcing him to change his position. Next time you have a Straddler coming to visit you, be sure to seat him on a fixed chair that has arms to stop him from taking his favorite position. This is a seated version of the Hands-on-Hips pose except the hands are behind the head with the elbows menacingly pointed out.
This gesture is typical of professionals such as accountants lawyers, sales managers or people who are feeling superior dominant or confident about something. It is usually clustered with a Figure-Four leg position or Pelvic Display, which shows that he not only feels superior, he is also likely to argue or try to dominate.
You could place something just out of his reach and ask, 'Have you seen this?', forcing him to lean forward. In research at one insurance company, it was found that 27 out of 30 male sales managers used the Catapult regularly around their salespeople or subordinates but rarely in the presence of their superiors. Our video replays of salespeople interviewing potential buyers revealed that, whenever the Seated Readiness gesture followed a Chin-Stroke (decision-making), the client said 'yes' to the proposal more than half the time. Readiness gestures that signal a desire to conclude a meeting or engage in a wholly new task include leaning forward with either or both hands on knees, or leaning forward with hands gripping the chair as if they were at the start of a race.

The body language signals covered in this chapter are fairly easy to observe because most involve big gestures.
Leaning against something can also be used as a method of dominance or intimidation if the object being leaned on belongs to someone else. In addition to the obvious abuse of another's territory or possessions, such as sitting at his desk or borrowing his car without asking, there are many other subtle intimidation techniques. These people are well advised to practice an upright stance with palms visible to create a favorable impression on others. The person leaning in is perceived as the dominant figure in charge of the personal interaction.
We refer to a member of royalty as 'Your Highness', whereas individuals who commit unsavory acts are called 'low', 'low down' and 'low lifes'. And no self-respecting God would ever live down in the boondocks, on the salt flats or in the valley.
In business, the people who continually 'bow' to the management are labelled with derogatory name-tags such as 'bootlickers', 'crawlers' and 'brown-nosers'.
Dr Bruce Ellis, Head of Experimental Psychology at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, found that taller men also have greater reproductive success than shorter men, not only because increased testosterone levels are linked to tallness but also because women choose men who are taller than they are as partners. A friend, a somewhat short 5 feet 1 inch (1.55m) female senior manager in a predominately male accounting firm, complained that she was continually being interrupted by her peers at management meetings and it was rare for her to present her ideas fully or even finish her sentences. In one study the height and salaries of 3000 managers at company director level and found that every inch of height above the company norm added $2,000 to that person's salary package, regardless of whether the person was a man or a woman. The height we decide they are and the amount of power we give them is directly related to the power and authority of their presentation. When the same student was introduced as a professor, the audience perceived him as 6 feet 3 inches (1.9m) tall.
First, lie on the floor and get your friend to stand over you to maximize the height difference. While tall people often command more respect than short people, height can also be detrimental to some aspects of one-to-one communication, for instance where you need to 'talk on the same level' or have an 'eye-to-eye' discussion with another person and do not want be perceived as 'too big for your boots'.
He found that his height was threatening to his customers; they felt imposed upon and could not concentrate on what he had to say. This happens when you slouch down and make yourself comfortable in an easy chair in another person's home while the owner is standing.
Let's examine the body language of the situation in which you have committed a minor driving offense, such as failing to stop at a stop sign, not giving way or speeding, and you are pulled over by the police.
If you're female and the officer is male, smile a lot, blink your eyes repeatedly and talk in a higher pitched voice. When this technique is used as directed, it can save you from being booked in up to 50% of instances where a police car pulls you over. In this case, a store counter represents a barrier between the store staff and the customer. His study in 2004 found that, to ensure marital bliss, a man needs to be 1.09 times taller than his partner.
This is important if you are a woman because women are, on average, 2 inches (5cm) shorter than men. Shorter people can increase their perceived height and are more likely to be remembered as taller when they wear dark-colored clothing, pin-striped suits, softer, more muted make-up (for women) and full-size chronograph watches. I’m excited about the ways behaviorism and neuroplasticity therapy support each other. After having spent most of the last eighteen years by myself or only with my parents, intimate partners or close friends, and personal care assistants, I am really unused to being in social situations with other people.
I’ve always enjoyed long phone conversations, and after I got sick, I spent countless hours talking on the phone.
I hadn’t given this any thought till I was at the book signing event at Clicker Expo, and the person I was standing next to commented on how you could tell which faculty members were really into signing their books and schmoozing, and which would rather be elsewhere. The combination of her reaction and my dawning awareness that this is an area in which I am not as fluent as I’d like to be led me to wish there was a way I could practice interacting and communicating with other humans in a learning-oriented, nonjudgmental environment.
The irony is that this is how most people learn NVC — and I’ve heard NVC enthusiasts complain how hard it is to do on the phone! It reminded me of how I felt in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school, college, and after. Just writing about this, I feel terribly anxious and can feel the cortisol rushing through my body. If I believed in God, I would use the fact that this radio program was playing as I drove home as proof of Her existence. One of her areas of study is prejudice, so she naturally has taken an interest in the expressions of power and dominance in nonverbal language. It changes the hormone levels in their bodies! It raises your testosterone level and lowers your cortisol level. Most of these strategies are behavioral: yoga, swimming, deep breaths and sighs, running my fingers over my lips, and yawning are some examples.
It triggers the fight-or-flight response, providing the body with a burst of energy so that it can respond to perceived dangers. This was actually ironic and slightly self-mocking; I had just fallen onto my knees when I lost balance sliding off the horse. You say it every time you do the limbic retraining steps, and the instructions are to stand in a way that you feel embodies your proclamation. This is one of the reasons that DNRS, and then other neuroplastic techniques, made so much sense to me: they were about choosing behaviors that would affect my internal state and would eventually become embodied. When I am around people, I will be conscious of my body language and make an effort to make my postures bigger — more confident, less curled up into a little ball of uncertainty. Congratulations on the progress you have made, and thanks for taking the time to motivate others. There is just before and after and not much of before as I never liked to get my picture taken with my mask on. I do OK one on one with people but I have NEVER liked social gatherings and have yet to do things deemed social interaction like you have done. Entrepreneurs usually put in double the amount of hours than an average employee does, and he is a slave to all his clients.
For example, when one person hugs another, most observers silently assume that the back patting that occurs towards the end of the hug is a gesture of affection and that the air kisses made - the sound made on the side of someone's cheek - is also affection. It's a stunted form of bowing - the person symbolically goes to bow but stops short, resulting in a nod. This is confusing for Westerners and Europeans, who use this gesture to communicate 'Maybe yes - maybe no'.
Research shows that people will talk three to four times more than usual when the listener nods their head using groups of three nods at regular intervals.
Body language is an unconscious outward reflection of inner feelings so, if you feel positive or affirmative, your head will begin to nod as you speak. If someone nods their head at you, you will usually nod too — even if you don't necessarily agree with what they are saying. When he finishes speaking continue to nod your head another five times at the rate of about one nod per second. This theory says that when the newborn baby has had enough milk, it shakes its head from side to side to reject its mother's breast.
The person who says, 'I can see your point of view', or, 'It sounds good', or, 'We'll definitely do business', while shaking his head from side to side might sound convincing, but the Head Shake gesture signals a negative attitude and you would be well advised to be skeptical about it. When Bill Clinton uttered his famous phrase, 'I did not have sex with that woman' during the Monica Lewinsky inquest, he did not use a Head Shake. The first is with Head Up and is the position taken by the person who has a neutral attitude about what is being said.
The person intentionally exposes their throat and they gain additional height which allows them to 'look down their nose' at you.
Its probable origin is in the baby resting its head on its parent's shoulder or chest, and the submissive, non-threatening meaning it conveys seems to be unconsciously understood by most people, especially women. Women will use this gesture to show interest in men they fancy because a woman who is nonthreatening and shows submission is attractive to most men. This shows how most people understand, on an intuitive level, that displaying the neck shows submission. When you see an audience tilting their heads and leaning forward using hand-to-chin evaluation gestures, you're getting the point across.
Critical evaluation clusters are normally made with the head down and until the person's head lifts or tilts, you can have a problem, professional presenters and trainers are often confronted by audiences who are seated with their heads down and arms folded on their chests. This comes from medieval times when men would doff their hat as a form of greeting; this evolved into just dipping the head and touching the hat, which, in modern times, is now the Head Twist, the salute or simply tapping the forehead when meeting someone.
It's the cluster used when a person hears a loud bang behind them or if they think something will fall on them. Would you mind telling me what they are?' Sit back, arms apart, palms visible, and wait for the answer.
The hairless human, however, no longer has a thick pelt to expand to make himself look more imposing when he is fearful or angry. In each instance the person takes the Hands-on-Hips pose and this is a universal gesture used to communicate that a person is ready for assertive action. It has also been called the achiever stance, related to the goal-directed person who is ready to tackle their objectives or is ready to take action on something.
For example, is the coat open and pushed back on to the hips, or is it buttoned when the aggressive pose is taken?
Occasionally the gesture may be done with only one hand on the hip and the other displaying another gesture and this is commonly used by women who want to draw attention to themselves by using this cluster with a pelvic tilt to emphasize their hips-to-waist ratio, which indicates fertility. It is the most common gesture used in television Westerns to show viewers the virility of their favorite gunslinger. Any man talking to a woman while he's standing like this - with dilated pupils and one foot pointing towards her — is easily read by most women. When wearing dresses or skirts, the sexually assertive female displays one or both thumbs tucked into a belt or pocket.
Rather than risk injury fighting, they spread their legs and the one with the biggest display is seen as the most dominant. It not only signifies the man's ownership of the chair, it also signals that he has an informal, aggressive attitude. He may have considered the employee's problem, decided that it's not much of a problem anyway and become disinterested. When the employee leaves the office, the boss breathes a sigh of relief and says to himself, 'Thank heavens he's gone!' and takes his leg off the arm of the chair.
An easy way to do this is to ask him to lean across and look at something, or, if you have a wicked sense of humor, tell him there's a split in his pants. This includes standing behind a gate, doorway, fence, desk or the open door of his motor vehicle and straddling a chair.
Men also have their legs spread in a wide Pelvic Display, adding male assertion to the position. This can work well in a group situation because the Straddler will have his back exposed and this compels him to change to another position. It is pointless to try to reason with a genital-displaying man on a merry-go-round, so the best defense is non-verbal. Again, it's almost entirely a male gesture used to intimidate others or it infers a relaxed attitude to lull you into a false sense of security just before he ambushes you. If we could read this person's mind, he would be saying things such as, 'I have all the answers', or 'Everything's under control', or even 'Maybe one day you'll be as smart as me'. If you are a man, copying the gesture can be a simple way to handle the Catapulter because mirroring creates equality. When they were with their superiors, however, the same managers were more likely to use submissive and subordinate gesture clusters. When you are presenting a proposal, for example, if the other person were to take this gesture at the end of the presentation, and the interview had gone well up to that point, you could ask for agreement and would be likely to get it. In contrast, if during the close of the sale the client took the Arms-Crossed position immediately after the Chin-Stroke, the sale was usually not made. If either of these occur during a conversation, consider finishing up and closing the conversation or re-orienting the direction to complete any unfinished matters.
Not only is it important to understand the significance of these signals, it's vital to good communication that you eliminate any negative gestures from your own repertoire and practice using the things that will give you positive results. For example, if you are going to take a photograph of a friend and his new car, boat or personal belonging, it's likely that he'd lean against his new possession, put his foot on it or place his arm around it. Others form up to 90% of their opinion about us in the first four minutes and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. No one wants to be described as 'short-sighted', be 'looked down on' or 'fall short' of their targets. A strategy was devised whereby she would stand and nominally go to the coffee table for a cup of coffee, and when she returned to her seat, she would remain standing as she spoke and presented her thoughts.
Research on Wall Street in the US showed that height is also linked to financial success: every inch of height added $1000 to each person's bottom line.
This is why so many short actors, politicians and personalities do so well on television - they simply act tall. He discovered that when he gave a sales presentation in a seated position, not only did the atmosphere become more conducive to good communication, the removal of his physical threat also increased his bottom line sales by a whopping 62%. It's the complete informality on the other person's territory that communicates the dominant or aggressive attitude.
After the first TV debate, the shorter candidate was seen as having lost badly to the taller one.
In these circumstances, the officer may regard you as an adversary as he approaches your vehicle, and most drivers' reaction is to remain in the car, wind the window down and make excuses or deny the offense. Control of an irate customer would be difficult if the staff remained on their side of the counter, and creates a 'you-versus-me' approach which can make the customer even angrier. Set up a space where you can control the environment by having chairs of varying heights and ask tall people to sit on the lower chairs.
They are so intertwined, but I don’t read a lot that is explicitly about the hows and whys of the connections between these areas of science. It’s one of the many joys of not being sound- and motion-hypersensitive anymore, and being able to drive!) Most of the class was on understanding the body language of dogs and cats.

In fact, when I studied Nonviolent Communication (NVC), it was all in phone groups and classes, which I guess is pretty unusual for healthy people, but was the norm for my friends who were also homebound. When I learned the formal rules for writing, I found them logical and easy, and from then on I decided I expressed myself best in writing and tried to do most of my challenging communication by letters and notes. I have never really known how to socialize, and this is hard because I am actually an extrovert! As his person petted him, his tail started to twitch and then to thrash, but he kept lying in the person’s lap, purring. The last segment was so damn relevant to people who are doing neuroplastic recovery that I rushed to the computer to write this post for you, dear readers! And since class participation is half their grade, the female students were seriously harming their chance of success in school. I often did this the first time I did something big, a celebration and victory, a conquering: the first time I swam, the first time I swam MORE, the first time I walked the dog in winter, the first time I walked on the ice, the first time I rode a horse, the first time I was in the ocean.
So far, my favorite is the one on eye contact, although I learned something on nearly every page.
I guess I just feel that right now there is enough learning for my guide and I on our smaller scale. The reality is that the pat is used in the same way professional wrestlers use it - to tell the other person to end the hug and break the clinch.
Bowing is a submissive gesture so the Head Nod shows we are going along with the other person's point of view. Conversely, if you simply start nodding your head intentionally, you will begin to experience positive feelings. Usually, by the time you have counted to four, the listener will begin speaking again and give you more information. Similarly, a child who has had enough to eat uses the Head Shake to reject attempts to spoon feed him. Large chins are the result of high testosterone levels which is why chin-jutting is associated with power and aggression. In a business negotiations with men, however, a woman should keep her head up at all times. When you listen to others, use the Head-Tilt and Head Nods and the listener will begin to feel trusting towards you because you appear non-threatening. If the speaker's tactic is successful, the audience's next head position will be the Head Tilt.
When it's used in a personal or business context it implies a submissive apology, which detracts from any encounter where you are trying to appear confident. It is also used by subordinates approaching superiors, and reveals the status and Power play between individuals. The Lint-Picker usually looks down and away from others while performing this seemingly minor, irrelevant action.
If the person says he is in agreement with you but continues to pick the imaginary lint, you may need to take an even more direct approach to discover his hidden objections. It lets the person take up more space and has the threat value of the pointed elbows that act as weapons, preventing others from approaching or passing. Closed-CoatReadiness shows frustration, whereas coat open and pushed back is directly aggressive because the person is openly exposing their front in a display of fearlessness.
Hands-on-Hips is regularly used by both men and women in courtship to draw attention to themselves.
It's one of the gestures that gives the game away for most men, as they unwittingly declare to her what's on their mind.
We might assume from this collective posture that they are unconsciously evaluating each other while perhaps discussing an important matter. And so it is with male humans; even though it's usually done unconsciously, it sends a powerful message. If you are a woman who is constantly confronted by a man who emphasizes his pelvis, unconsciously or consciously, do not react when he does it. As the employee explains, he leans forward in the chair, his hands on his knees, his head down, with a dejected expression and voice lowered. Most Straddlers are dominant types who will try to take control of others when they become bored with the conversation, and the back of the chair serves as good protection from any 'attack' by other members of the group. Conduct your conversation standing up and looking down on the Straddler, and move into his Personal Space. Management personnel regularly use it and newly appointed male managers suddenly begin to use it, despite the fact that they seldom used it prior to their promotion.
This doesn't work for a woman however, because it puts her breasts on display, leaving her at a disadvantage. The Seated Readiness gesture can also be taken by the angry person who is ready for something else - to throw you out. When he touches the property, it becomes an extension of his body and this is how he shows others that it belongs to him. The protest rally speaker stands on a soapbox to be higher than everyone else, the judge sits higher than the rest of the court, the Olympic gold medal winner stands higher than the other medal winners, those who live in a penthouse command more authority than those who live at ground level, some cultures divide their social classes into the 'upper class' and 'lower class' and pharmacists stand 18 inches above everyone else. And everyone understands the significance of standing to speak to a meeting to gain control. Today's hatless man can still be seen giving a simple tap to his forehead when he meets a woman as a relic of his hat-doffing ancestors' habit. The same correlation has been found in government departments and universities, who supposedly promote people based on their competence level and equality, not their height. A former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard became stuck with the nickname 'Little Johnny' due to his softer and quieter approach communicating on TV. If the staff member moves around to the customer's side of the counter with his body stooped over and palms visible, it stands a better chance of placating an angry person. Sitting neutralizes height and sitting the Incredible Hulk on a low sofa diminishes his perceived power. Standing erect, sitting up straight and 'walking tall' are ways of giving yourself a confident appearance and, because of the law of cause and effect, you will feel more confident when you do these things.
I was pleased to discover that all these years of paying attention to dog body language has taught me that I really can tell a lot about what’s going on with a dog by looking at it! I think I have gotten good at guessing what is going on for people by their voices, and even by their silences. Now, with the ubiquity of email, it is socially acceptable to do most of your communication with writing, too, which is a bonus.
Indeed, there were a lot of people who didn’t think I could get where I have gotten today, but the biggest skeptic was me.
If you are really not too keen about hugging someone but are forced into it because the people ahead of you did it, you're likely to begin the back patting in the air even before the hug begins.
Research conducted with people who were born deaf, dumb and blind shows that they also use this gesture to signify 'Yes', so it appears to be an inborn gesture of submission. Slow nodding communicates that the listener is interested in what the speaker is saying so give slow, deliberate clusters of three head nods when the other person is making a point. In other words, positive feelings cause the head to nod - and the reverse is also true: nodding the head causes positive feelings. By finishing each sentence with a verbal affirmation such as, 'Isn't it?', 'Wouldn't you?', 'Isn't that true?' or 'Fair enough?', and with the speaker and listener both nodding their heads, the listener experiences positive feelings which create a greater likelihood of getting them to agree with you. And as long as you nod and stay silent with your hand on your chin in an Evaluation position, there's no pressure on you to speak and you won't come across like an interrogator.
This is a common signal of disapproval and is a good sign that he doesn't like what's being said, even when he sounds as if he's agreeing with everything. All these are the body's mechanical reactions to circumstances in which we attempt to make ourselves appear larger and are caused by the erector pillae muscles on the skin, which attempt to make our non-existent fur stand up. The arms being half raised show readiness for attack and this is the position taken by cowboys in a gunfight.
This position is further reinforced by placing the feet evenly apart on the ground or by adding clenched fists to the gesture cluster. If one man does the Legs-Spread the others usually mirror to maintain status but it has very negative effects when a man uses it in front of women, especially in a business context, because she can't mirror it. The boss listens, sitting motionless, then leans back in his chair and puts one leg over the arm. This is unnerving for him and he can even fall backwards off his chair in an attempt to move away. Even flat-chested women who attempt the Catapult are described as aggressive by both men and women. Lovers hold hands or put their arms around each other in public to show competitors they have a claim over that person. The more humble or subordinate an individual feels towards another, the lower he stoops his body.
While she can't use the coffee routine every time, it allowed her to see how, by simply adjusting her height perspective, she could gain more authority. One American study showed that tall people not only got the best jobs in American firms, they received higher starting salaries. You'll find that not only does he find it nearly impossible to do, his voice will sound different and he'll lack any authority while trying. One of these strategies including cutting 4 inches (10cm) off his lectern, which would give the same visible distance between the top of the lectern and his chin as candidate B had.
Sitting at opposite ends of a table also evens things up, as does leaning in someone's office doorway to talk while they are seated. He had reached his threshold of petting by a long shot, but he continued to lie in the person’s lap! I knew my IQ because I had identified with being smart, and I had been called gifted as a child. I was so afraid of being found out the next day that I called her and said I’m quitting. The air kiss - with its accompanying sound - is given as a displacement of a real kiss that we don't want to give either.
Fast nodding tells the speaker you've heard enough or that you want them to finish or give you a turn to speak.
When you listen, put your hand on your chin and give it light strokes because, as previously stated, research shows that this encourages others to keep talking.
Modern humans, however, have invented a gesture to help them achieve a bigger physical presence - the Hands-on-Hips gesture. Even one hand on the hip will send the intended message, particularly when it's pointed at the intended victim. Instead, try talking to his pelvis indirectly — responses such as 'You've got a good point there, Max' and 'I can see where you're coming from' can teach a valuable lesson as well as causing riotous laughter when used at the right time.
The business executive puts his feet on his desk or leans against his office doorway to show his claim to that office and its furnishings. One of his adversaries, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, was constantly seen as over 6 feet (1.85m) tall as he always gave a 'big' performance. Another suggestion was for candidate A to arrange for his TV camera to be slightly lowered to shoot upwards, giving him a taller appearance.
Talking in a public place, such as a bar or in a crowd, or in a car or plane, also limits the tactics of taller associates. She was like, you are not quitting because I took a gamble on you and you’re staying. And people turned around and they were like, oh, my God, I didn’t even notice her sitting there, you know. Before you go into the next stressful evaluative situation, configure your brain to cope the best in that situation. Much of DNRS is pretending, putting your body and mind again and again in the power postures of health and wellbeing, teaching your body and brain to be healthy. It's used everywhere and in the Philippines and Malaysia it carries the even stronger message of anger or outrage.
In other words, he has little concern for the employee or his problem and he may even feel that his time is being wasted with the 'same old story'. It can also be used as a territorial sign to show that the person has staked a claim to that particular area. On the other hand, if the person using the Catapult is your superior and is reprimanding you, you will intimidate him by copying this gesture. A woman dusts imaginary pieces of lint from the shoulder of her husband to tell other women he's taken.
Yet another tactic was to pitch his message directly to the camera so that each voter felt as if they were being addressed personally. If someone is overbearing or standing over you while you are sitting, get up and walk over to a window and gaze outside as you discuss an issue.
Because our brains don’t know the difference between thoughts, memories, fantasies, and reality, so I fooled my brain into thinking I was health before I was. For example, two equals will use the Catapult in each other's presence to show equality and agreement, but if a mischievous schoolboy did it, it would infuriate the school principal. After the next debate, candidate A was seen as being the clear winner and the media reported that he 'had a new sense of authority and leadership'. You will look as if you are giving deep consideration to the discussion and the bigger person can't have a height advantage when you aren't looking at them.
And also, I’m going to ask you to share this science because the people who can use it the most are the ones with no resources and no status and no power. The lessons here were that voters generally aren't deeply interested and don't remember much of what politicians say in election debates.
These strategies will put you 'head and shoulders' above the height intimidators and let you 'stand tall' among those who try to 'get one up' over you. Voters cast their final vote based on the belief that the winner is best suited to be the leader. They need their bodies, privacy and two minutes, and it can significantly change the outcomes of their life.

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