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Suicide Squad actress Karen Fukuhara talks about Katana's role in Task Force X, while also revealing some interesting details about her character's supernatural soul-taking abilities with Mild Spoilers. At Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference at the end of March, the company revealed some of the changes that Windows 10 users could expect from the Anniversary Update. The Start menu in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will make the ‘All Apps’ list on the left-hand side visible by default. Note: In tablet mode, the ‘All Apps’ list in the Start menu will display as a full-screen menu. In the far left of the Start menu, Power, Settings, and File Explorer links will be displayed, but as icons only.
Any new installs of Windows 10 following the Anniversary Update, will receive double the number of adverts in the Start menu.
With the Anniversary Update, when you click on the Clock you will be able to see your upcoming events while clicking the Volume icon will show multiple audio outputs. In the Anniversary Update, you will be able to display the same image on the lock screen as you have on the sign-in screen. In addition to Windows Hello coming to Microsoft Edge, the web browser will also gain support for extensions. From August 2, Microsoft Edge will also allow you to pin tabs of your favorite sites, allowing for quick access at any time. In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you will be able to customize which PC and mobile app notifications appear in the Action Center, as well as the number of notifications, and which notifications are given priority.
Android device owners will also be able to see notifications of voicemails, missed calls and apps on a linked Windows 10 desktop. With the Active Hours feature you can set the hours during which you are normally busy on your machine. If you have any Windows 10 issues you can request help using the Quick Assist app, which will provide another user will remote access to your system and screen. In addition to a cleaner design, the Settings app will also be easier to navigate and will get a new search box in the center of the page.

With the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Enterprise E5 edition subscribers will get access to Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP). Another feature is Windows Information Protection, which uses containerisation file techniques to offer accidental data leak protection by having controls over who can access what, and by keeping enterprise and personal data separate. If you’ve ever tried to run a Linux distro on a virtual machine on your Windows laptop, you’ll be very happy to know that those days are coming to an end. Going forward, Windows 10 will let you run (some) Ubuntu Linux software natively via a universal Windows app with access to the command-line interpreter Bash found in Ubuntu 14.04.
Support is limited to command-line apps and Microsoft claims Ubuntu software will run just as fast in the Windows app as it would on a native Ubuntu install.
About Latest Posts Collen KrielCollen Kriel is a beat writer for SiliconANGLE covering consumer technology with a focus on mobile. SIGN UP FOR THE SiliconANGLE NEWSLETTER!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. April 9-10 – T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas – One Million fans and counting will be part of the most celebrated music event of the past few decades when the tour of the summer kicks off in June, but 40,000 had the experience early this past weekend when the return of Guns N’ Roses hit a fanatic level in Las Vegas for opening weekend of the brand new T-Mobile Arena. Next up, Coachella for two weekends (April 16 and April 23) and two sold out stadium shows in Mexico on April 19-20…April will see almost a half million fans alone in North America! Guns N’ Roses’ lineup – Axl Rose, Duff McKagan (bass), Slash (lead guitar), Dizzy Reed (keyboard), Richard Fortus (rhythm guitar), Frank Ferrer (drums), and Melissa Reese (keyboard). Kate Mara investigates exceptional and terrifying possibilities in the new clip from Morgan. When asked about how much of her supernatural powers we would see throughout the film, the actress revealed some interesting details about her character, mostly pertaining to her sword. At the end of June, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 had been installed on over 350 million devices, but the company has since admitted that it’s initial goal of a billion devices in three years was slightly too ambitious. These new features include significant updates to Microsoft’s Windows Ink pen recognition software, advancements for its virtual assistant Cortana, the addition of Windows Hello in apps and Microsoft Edge, and new features for Xbox One. In the list, there will be a section to display your ‘Most used’ and ‘Recently added’ apps.

Extensions for Microsoft Edge include AdBlock, Evernote, LastPass and Microsoft Translator, among others. Some of the features from the Control Center move to the Settings app, which includes additional troubleshooting options for connectivity problems under the Network & Internet category. After upgrading your machine, you will be able to link a Microsoft account to the digital license stored on the device. By analyzing large amounts of security data, WDATP will attempt to spot emerging threats and offer responses to the security breach.
This should bring significant performance improvements over running Linux on a virtual machine or via third-party apps.
The most anticipated event in contemporary music history happened at 12:07am on Saturday, April 2, 2016 when Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan took the stage at the Troubadour in Los Angeles for their first live performance in more than 20 years – marking the return of the celebrated lineup of Guns N’ Roses!
The back-to-back sold out shows previewed what’s to come when their 20-date, Not In This Lifetime tour hits the road in June.
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