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With the fact a European team have never won a World Cup on South American soil will be on Brazil’s side.
Beating Spain comfortably is by no means an easy feat and Brazil did just that in the Confederations Cup just last year. Football purists in Belgium have stated that the recent success of the Belgian system has all come down to grass roots football and the likes of Hazard, Lukaku and Courtois have all gained success through this efficient youth system. After losing to Uruguay in the 2010 World Cup quarter finals with a deliberate Suarez handball, sending off, Gyan penalty miss and a heartbreaking penalty shoot out loss. Why do I get the feeling that even if England actually won the World Cup we would still find something to complain about!

This prediction may garner a great deal of negative reaction, but you would have told me 4 years ago if I said Italy would lose to Slovakia and go out at the group stages. Shocks happen all the time in football and after a period of invincibility Spain might finally meet their maker in Brazil this summer. Hernandez has had a dire time under David Moyes and this World Cup may determine where he ends up next season. Regardless of what I think, let’s hope for a magnificent footballing spectacle in Brazil this summer. And in the spirit of that, I felt it was necessary to provide some predictions for Brazil this summer.

Ghana became the most loved team of the 2010 World Cup garnering sympathy from almost all nations for being the last African team in the first World Cup hosted in Africa. Shrek jokes will ensue as soon as Rooney misses a penalty and calls will be made for Seaman to come out of retirement as soon as Joe Hart’s poor distribution is seen at world level.
2010 was the tournament that introduced him to the world and 2014 will be just as important for Little Pea.

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