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Canada and the USA national team are playing live on Wednesday and the women's hockey game for the United States starts yo at 7:30 pm ET and the game will be streaming on NBC Sports Network from the Winter Olympics Live Coverage website from Sochi in Russia.
The United States and Canada have a big rivalry and the tournament is starting to move along quickly after starting on February 8 and the gold medal game will be on February 20 and these two teams hope to be there. The tournament is being held at the Bolshoy Ice Dome and Shayba Arena and the two teams have predictably started the games off well, as each have won their first two matches and they beat the same two teams in the process.

The two teams have fought with each other in the past and Amanda Kessel knows what the pressure is like and she happens to be the sister of Phil Kessel, the NHL star. The US defeated Finland in exciting fashion, while the Canadian team shut them out and the other game came against Switzerland for both teams and they scored a combined 14 goals and allowed zero in those matchups. The USA and Canadian men's teams have a nice rivalry going as well and this comes after the two faced off in the gold medal game in Vancouver last time around in 2010 and they are looking to get back once again in Sochi.

The women's team is high scoring and skilled and they won against Finland after getting some quick goals, including the first goal just a minute into the game and they have clinched a spot in the next round.

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