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That tells me retailers are cutting back their pre-Christmas orders in anticipation of disappointing holiday sales and due to already bulging inventories. I want to point out two retailers with ballooning inventories that I think are profit time bombs just waiting to kill investors. Lululemon Athletica (LULU): Yoga-pants maker Lululemon has been suffering from an inventory bulge. I’m not suggesting that you rush out, sell all your retail stocks, or short Lululemon and Under Armour tomorrow morning.

Markets rise or fall each day, but when reporting the reasons, the financial media rarely provides investors with a complete picture.
The article, “Retail Stocks Are Probably the Worst Place to Invest Your Money Now”, was originally published at Mauldin Economics.
Simply stated, we believe in taking a realistic approach to the economy and investment markets that starts by stepping back from all the noise and fear in the daily news and, with the aid of our deep network, focusing on the search for the world's best income opportunities and for great companies doing great things—both in North America and around the world. However, it’s clear that retail stocks are one of the worst places to invest your money at this moment.

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