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The socially-responsible Motifs available through Swell tend to be loaded with stocks from companies that invest in causes through their foundations. You might say that investing through a basket of stocks in companies whose foundations then give money to charities that then invest in social programs is a pretty circuitous way of caring about something. Crash Course: Five Unique Investments in AsiaTake advantage of Asia's rise with our free, highly actionable investment guide. About the AuthorReid Kirchenbauer is the Founder of InvestAsian as well as a regular contributor. Just a year ago, investing in blue chip stocks listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) seems like a rich man’s game not meant for everyone. While the above mentioned is helpful for investors who would like to get started without a sizable capital, it poses yet another problem, and that is, the high commission cost that one incurs when buying stocks in small units. Some stock brokerage houses have introduced monthly investment plans as a way to help offset the problem of incurring significant commission cost.

They provide an affordable and hassle-free way for those who want a relatively easy way to invest. There are currently 4 major players offering monthly investment plans namely: POSB Invest-Saver, OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan, POEMS Share Builders Plan and Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan.
As for the fees, assuming we invest S$1,000 monthly in just the Singapore STI ETF, OCBC turns up as the winner for its fees of S$5, equivalent to only 0.5% charge. Monthly investment plans are a relatively new approach to investing which is suitable for people who would like to adopt a long-term view in investing due to the beauty behind dollar-cost averaging. This entry was posted in Invest with Alex, Stock Market, Economic Analysis and tagged Why Only A Fool Would Buy Stocks Here by Alex Dvorkin. Frequently, retail investors still have to pay a minimum fee of about $25 per transaction regardless of the value of the stocks that they are purchasing.
As the name suggests, these investment plans allow you to invest a fixed amount of funds each month into buying the stocks of your choice.

Since all of them allow investors to kickstart investing with as little as $100 a month, we will do a minor comparison of the other features with the chart below to understand the differences and similarities. In those days, it was difficult for retail investors to invest in all companies, since some stocks such as OCBC would cost roughly S$10,000 per lot.
In fact, being a newcomer to this market, Maybank Kim Eng is now offering zero commission for the period from 1 March 2015 to 31 August 2015! For all its innovation, Swell still seems like a conventional investment with goodwill tokenistically thrown in.

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