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Currently real estate agents in Hamilton are seeing increased activity from Auckland buyers, especially for investment properties.
In a bid to ensure stability in the Auckland Market the RBNZ will introduce a maximum LVR on Auckland residential investment loans of 70%, so investors will be faced with the following equations when considering where to invest. October is not far away and if the restriction is put in place then even more investors could come flooding into the Hamilton market which will swell prices and put downward pressure on rental returns. If a buyer was to invest now and these changes take place then not only would they get short term capital gains but their rental returns from their investments would stay solid.
Don’t let Aucklanders take advantage of your market, invest in Hamilton now and enjoy a prosperous future.

Now more than ever, investing as a means of boosting a financial portfolio is one of the greatest ways to increase your financial standing. There are many reasons why Texas, particularly North Texas, is an ideal location for investing in luxury real estate. Luxury real estate in North Texas is an investment commodity that should not be overlooked when creating a solid financial portfolio.
According to statistics released for the end of March by NTREIS, inventory levels shrank 28.5 percent to 25,055 units. Property values in Texas will only increase over the coming years, and the investment itself will prove to be one that brings solid returns for your children and grandchildren.

But rents have not seen the same growth which means the rental returns on investment are dropping.
For luxury real estate investors who already have land in the North Texas region, this spells good news! Studies have shown that a dense and increasing population provides a competitive market ideal for many investors, and with the population steadily increasing, these values will only continue to increase as well.

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