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Virginia Tech University, located in Blacksburg, Virginia is most well known for its Virginia Tech football team and the Virginia Tech Hokies (the school mascot is a “Hokie,” so Virginia Tech football fans call themselves “Hokies” after the team). Most out-of-staters, if they are familiar with Virginia’s technical university, know Virginia Tech football.
While football was and is of great importance to the University, other Virginia Tech sports grew to encompass more than football as the years went on, and now include softball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, swimming, wrestling and more. As for Virginia Tech college academics, the college’s campus includes more than 100 buildings, and is ranked 55th in University research in the United States. To visit Virginia Polytechnic University, or to take in a Virginia Tech football game, just follow the trail of dedicated Virginia Tech Hokies down Virginia’s interstate 81. Besides Virginia Tech sports, the Virginia Tech college campus is notable for offering more career options than any other Virginia university, with 180 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The University collegiate football team, called the Virginia Tech Hokies, began playing football officially on Oct.
Virginia Tech Hokies fans can even read up on stats and Virginia Tech sports history online via the Virginia Tech sports website. Virginia Tech also consistently ranks among the top 15 schools in the nation in number of patents received.
And college football conferences were hurricanes, the Big East would be a tropical storm, the ACC a Category 1, the Big Ten a Category 3 and the SEC a Category 5. With about 25,600 full-time students, Virginia Tech college is a bustling polytechnic university that caters to students from all over the country and the world. If you want other Virginia Tech sports tickets, call the Hokies ticket hotline before they all get away.

Albans of Radford and played on the Blacksburg campus and resulted in a 14-10 victory for the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Virginia Tech college football program started reaching more people during the 1950’s and helped the South and the state of Virginia become collegiate football contenders.
The Virginia Tech Hokies’ 1954 season opener against North Carolina State marked the first Virginia Tech Hokies game to be broadcast over the Virginia Tech radio network. Florida State game at Miles Stadium was the first football game ever televised from a Southern Conference stadium.

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