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The Wizards and Raptors will try to make up for a disappointing second half of the season with a series win. The Raptors are on the opposite range of the spectrum, boasting an elite offense and a bad defense. We asked our Raptors site Raptors HQ and our Wizards site Bullets Forever to give us the lowdown on these two teams. BF: Raptors his will be a series where we'll be reminded of all the things that make the Wizards and Raptors incredibly tantalizing and incredibly frustrating.
Toronto crushed the Wizards the first time they met in the season but narrowly won the other two games, needing overtime in one and winning by two in the other. The numbers have pointed to a decline in teams dominating at home, but the Raptors will have a notable home court advantage in the playoffs.
What they lack in floor spacing they make up for with rebounding, especially against Toronto.
The Raptors are a bottom-10 defensive team and the Wizards have individual creators like John Wall, Bradley Beal and even Paul Pierce, who can break down our perimeter defense.
He was a huge part of why the Nets got past Toronto last season, and he can still provide a big boost in that role, creating spacing for John Wall and Bradley Beal to operate offensively, and limiting Patrick Patterson defensively.
Even though Toronto has been mediocre since January, I'm not sure Washington has been any better.

It all proved to be an illusion, as Toronto's defense fell apart and the Wizards' lack of depth came back to haunt them.
He hasn't been used as a stretch for much in the regular season, but he could be a real game-changer in that role in the playoffs.
Now they are facing each other in a first round series that seems inconsequential, though there's always room for a playoff renaissance. It's not a surprise they out-rebounded the Raptors all three times they played this season.
I say surprising as the Raptors have won their last 4 games versus top playoff teams (Clippers, Spurs, Wizards and Hawks) while the Rockets have lost their last 2 games in blowout fashion. And, one of those losses was to the Clippers (without Blake Griffin) who the Raptors beat by 16 points (with Blake Griffin). Call it a homer call, but I think the Raptors will have too much size and bench depth (even with Williams out) iso I say Raptors extend the Rockets losing streak and win by 3 points. The Toronto Raptors came out favourably, predicted to win 52.9 games, which would be the best record in the Eastern Conference.
A lot of analysts, pundits, and even casual fans will tell you, you can’t win in the playoffs without at least some kind of defensive effort. We swoon over this team [The Raptors] not unlike being in a brand new relationship, we ignore our partner’s shortcomings for the way they make us feel and what they do right, even if what they do right is not a long term solution to the possible long term problems presented by what they do wrong.

We all agreed because the Raptors were winning, but then Casey leaves Valanciunas in for the remainder of the fourth in game 2, while about three better defenders and rebounders sat and watched. I still believe the Raptors can salvage something from these two embarrassing performances. Fortunately, and despite the best efforts of Patrick Patterson, the Wizards’ defense managed to keep it close, holding the Raptors trio of Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Lou Williams to 14 combined points on 5-17 shooting. Meanwhile, Toronto’s offense stalled out and devolved into a string of missed jumpers, while their lagging transition defense led to easy looks for Wall and company. Wittman overcommitted to the Sessions-Beal-Porter-Gooden-Seraphin lineup again, and with Beal still cold, the Raptors woke up and managed to cut the lead to 5. Not long after, a pair of threes from notorious Wizards Killer Williams brought the Raptors to within 2.
Unlike the fourth quarter, the Raptors had no answer, and the Wizards managed to hang on, mercifully bringing the game to a 93-86 end. If they can hit some more shots, they can exploit a porous Raptors defense, especially in transition.

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