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Hopefully the Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson finds Golden Tate, or Syndy Rice to beat the Jets.
Lloyd gives Brady a top-notch deep threat for the first time since Randy Moss started sulking and got booted out of New England.
But until he does a better job breaking down defenses as a passer, he’ll be just outside that group of elite fantasy quarterbacks.6.

But he, more than any other quarterback in the NFL, holds on to the ball until the absolute last moment before making a pass. Also of concern is the fact that top receiver Vincent Jackson signed with Tampa in free agency, and super tight end Antonio Gates has battled injury after injury of late.
Why cant Tim Tebow go in for quarterback.If the Jets win i would be so mad and if Marshawn Lynch, or Russel Wilson gets hurt it will be my favorite quarterbacks season will be over.

Rivers has the ability to be a top five fantasy quarterback, but there’s a little too much risk involved with him.10.

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