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While sports are meant to foster athleticism, discipline, and camaraderie, there are just some of them that can be bone-crunching and are insanely unsound. However, there are some sports that are just not made for the emotionally fragile or those who lack grit. Base JumpingBASE Jumping from Sapphire Tower in Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)People who watch base jumpers free fall from antennas, buildings, and other tall structures often consider them insane, or the sport itself a suicidal one. Cave DivingCave diver running a reel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)As one of the world’s most dangerous sports, cave diving gets you the chance to explore uncharted territories–but not without the steep price!
Motorcycle RacingTwo motorcycles racing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)If you are curious as to what the most dangerous sport on wheels is, then the definite answer is motorcycle racing.
Bull RidingBull riding at the Calgary StampedeIn this high-risk sport, the rider needs to keep himself mounted on his bull as long as he can, while the animal tries all its might to get rid of him.

SurfingSurfing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)When you first look at surfing, you may never consider it as one of the most dangerous sports in the world.
Street LugingStreet Luging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Road luge or land luge is a gravity-powered sport where a sled-borne rider confronts a number of swerves and unpredictable road blocks at devil-may-care speeds. River RaftingRiver Rafting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Like surfing, river rafting is known to many as one of the most dangerous sports in the waters.
Adrenaline junkies who participate in this sport are only equipped with hand-deployed parachutes that narrowly protect them from the trauma associated with the accelerated descent.
If you are into this sport, you may put yourself at risk of getting in cramped spaces, suffering from hostile animal attacks, decompression sickness, and freezing to death in ice cold and low-visibility waters. Not only is street lugging considered as one of the most dangerous sports for riders, it is deemed perilous for onlookers as well.

While cheerleading doesn’t look tough from the outside, cheerleading is actually one of the most dangerous sports around, since the participants are always at risk of falling on hard floor. Perhaps the most infamous motorcycle racing event that has claimed several lives is the Isle of Man TT event, which has registered a total of 220 deaths for the past century that it was played. While it is fun for most, the reality is that a paddler can put himself at risk despite wearing a helmet. High-altitude climbing, or the act of ascending to high mountains like Everest, is known as one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

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