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Yahoo Fantasy Football is back, and those who have yet to draft are still wondering what players will have breakout years this season. Now in his second year, the former first round pick is looking to have his breakout season for the Minnesota Vikings. While players like Adrian Peterson, Eddie Lacy, Aaron Rogers, Andrew Luck, and Antonio Brown are obvious and safe picks, every seasoned fantasy football pro knows that in order to win your league, you must pick well in the later rounds.
While numerous fantasy football rankings have Johnson listed as the 30th best wide receiver or lower, don’t be surprised if he finishes in the top 20 in fantasy football scoring.

Green, the Bengals are going to need help from their first round pick in the 2013 NFL draft, Tyler Eifert. While Yahoo has all of our sleepers listed in their top 200-player list, we believe they will all outplay their average draft position. While he has had a disappointing start to his career, Eifert has all the potential in the world to finish as a top 10 tight end or better this year for fantasy football purposes. All average draft position data was taken from FantasyPros, which references where players are being drafted in Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues.

This information is subject to change, so make sure you review it for updates before your fantasy football draft. By season’s end, we think he will be a very viable option as a fantasy football starting quarterback though.

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