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With the fantasy football season over and the Super Bowl looming in a little over a week, it’s time to turn our fantasy obsessions to the other side of the coin and start looking at baseball. As I have been perusing the projections and rankings as they trickle out in the doldrums of winter, I have noticed a few unique names like Corey Dickerson of the Rockies and Michael Brantley of the Indians pop up in top 10 listings.
These are all really good players and they all had terrific seasons last year BUT, the fact is none of these guys have the track record or production IMO to warrant being mentioned in the top 10 and possibly even the top 20.
McCutchen is the only player that could challenge Trout for the top spot although his RBI numbers aren’t on par with the powerful Angel’s lineup surrounding Trout. Hard to believe I am putting a player that hit 44 HR in 2012 and 2013 and topped 130 RBI’s in each season this low but some chinks showed up in his armor last season.

Gomez was one of the more maddening players in the league for fantasy purposes until he finally broke out after 5 seasons in 2013. When it is on the line however and you need to know the guy to pick up on the waiver wire heading into playoff week, Boyd is your man.
He is consistent and a proven player so, despite being age 36, I think he warrants a top 10 spot in a sport where 3rd base tails off significantly once you get outside the top 8 or so. He originates from parts unknown and has a devious sense of humor that gets peppered into the fact that he is kicking your ass in all phases of a fantasy league. Before setting your lineups on FanDuel, be sure to read through our top pitcher, hitters and lineup stack for today's DFS contests.

Throw in the ability to steal 15-20 bases and Goldschmidt should easily be one of the top five off the board in your draft.
If he gets a full season in and the protection in the lineup should improve, a career year and fantasy title could be in store for Stanton and his owners. You’ll stand up and beg for more as he is cutting the heart out of your fantasy hopes in that 8 player trade and doing it with a smile on his face.

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