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I used to work with a guy who went to school with Larry and played on his High School Football team. Charles Woodson will hang up his football cleats after an 18-year career that answered (unlike many before and countless after) every call of hype that stemmed from his Heisman Trophy winning collegiate career.
From the hits to the picks to the speeches of legend, Woodson embodied everything one could ever desire in a football player. All the teams are so evenly matched the games are close making predictions almost impossible.

Point guard Luke Bishop had his best game since coming back from football with 10 points. There are no easy wins in District 7-4A. A high school team does not usually lose their star player before his senior year. Coach Smith already knew he would be without the services of point guard Luke Bishop until football was over. Little did he know Bishop would quarterback the Bearcat football team all the way to the Class 4A State Championship. The Bearcat basketball team also had another setback when senior Alex Stockdale decided to play football during his senior year. It was a heartwarming story about a player who never played football in his life deciding to suit up during his senior year. With Travis Gough and Matthew Ogden gone to graduation, Aledo was already a little “short” in the post position.

It takes players a few games to transfer from a football mentality to a basketball regiment. Despite all the adversity, the Bearcats finished the first half of District 7-4A in second place with a 5-2 record.

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