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Accumulators, Lucky 15s or anything else.  Long term profits are far easier to achieve when focusing on single bets and using solid football predictions. Hopefully this post has been of some use and you can get a feel for what is truly possible from football betting.
CHARLIE NICHOLAS believes Manchester United will suffer more disappointment in the Champions League tomorrow night.

Tomorrow’s World was first broadcast on BBC1 in July 1965 and ran for almost 40 years until it was cancelled in 2003. The Hissing Sid, named after a novelty single popular at the time, was a robot that featured on Tomorrow’s World in January 1981, when it went up against presenter Kieran Prendiville (the man who would go on to create Ballykissangel) in a game of snooker. The humble worm was hailed as the perfect source of protein by Tomorrow’s World back in 1981, and presenter Michael Rodd went so far as to eat one in an omelette.

In the image above, we have released our last two months worth of profit and loss for single bets.  These tips were taken from the BetWiz football predictions app and as you can see, we have achieved a little over 100 percent return on investment with an 81 percent strike rate.

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