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Strawberries are available year-round but they will be at their best and most plentiful during the peak season, which is April through July. There are hundreds of different varieties of strawberries produced which may vary in size, shape, texture, taste, and color.
Day-Neutral - A fairly new type of cultivated strawberry that is a variety of ever-bearing strawberries that produce berries throughout the growing season. The original strawberries that existed, which different varieties of these berries were crossed to develop the cultivated strawberries that are more readily available today.
Remove the strawberries from the refrigerator at least an hour before they are going to be consumed. Before cleaning the strawberries, go through them and discard any that are damaged, bruised or spoiled.
If it is necessary to wash the strawberries, place them in a colander and gently rinse them under cool water before removing the stems. Strawberries can be served with the stem remaining or the stem can be removed, both are acceptable depending on how they will be used.
Strawberries are often eaten whole and do not require any further preparation but many recipes call for them to be cut up in some manner or require them to be mashed. Some recipes, such as strawberry sauces, syrups and jams, call for the strawberries to be mashed or crushed. Cut strawberries in halves as shown above and then cut in half again to form quartered pieces.
The strawberries can be mashed using a fork but this method is generally more time consuming. Strawberries are an easy garnish to decorate summer desserts and add color to appetizer platters. If the strawberries were rinsed, place them on paper towels to allow moisture to drain faster.
Once the chocolate has set, they can be drizzled with melted white chocolate or the tips can be dipped again in the white chocolate to give them a decorative look. Slightly mash the strawberries using a pastry blender or one of the other methods shown above. After allowing the strawberries to stand, take them from the refrigerator and continue to mash until they are the desired consistency. Allow enough headspace in the freezing containers or bags before sealing to allow for expansion when the strawberries freeze.
Place the strawberries in the coldest part of the freezer so that they will freeze as quickly as possible. Before starting the freezing process you should consider what type of freezer container will be best for the method you are using. Rigid Containers - Rigid containers are probably best used for freezing strawberries when there is a fair amount of liquid added, such as water, juice or syrup. Sealable Freezer Bags - Sealable bags work well for whole, sliced or slightly crushed strawberries where there is minimal liquid involved. Either type of freezer containers can be used for any of the freezing methods but some will be more suitable than others for different methods. The methods for freezing strawberries are dry pack - individual tray freezing, dry pack - unsweetened, dry pack - sweetened, juice or water packed, and syrup packed.
When the strawberries have frozen solid, take them from the baking sheet and place them in an airtight freezer container or freezer bag.

Since the strawberries were frozen individually before they were placed in the bag, it will be easy to remove just the amount needed from the bag and return the remaining berries to the freezer to use at a later date. When using this method of freezng, keep in mind that the more the strawberries are cut up the more liquid they will soak up. Leave strawberries whole or cut into halves, quarters or slices and then place in freezer containers or bags.
Mark the container or bag with contents, quantity and date, and then place the strawberries in the coldest part of the freezer. Syrup should be chilled before using so it is a good idea to prepare the syrup the day ahead of freezing the strawberries. Place in the freezer containers or bags and pour syrup over the strawberries to cover them.
Bring out the flavor of strawberries by sprinkling with a dash of pepper, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice or orange juice. Adding sugar, lemon juice or orange juice to strawberries will help preserve their bright color.
When sugar is added to strawberries, their natural juices are drawn out and crushed berries will produce a sauce that can be eaten as is or poured over shortcake or ice cream. If storing strawberries, first sort through them and discard any soft, bruised, damaged, or overripe berries. Wild strawberries are much smaller than the cultivated berries but they are more fragrant, juicier, and sweeter.
When ready to clean them, the strawberries should be exposed to as little water as possible.
If the stem is removed the water will have a greater affect on the texture and flavor of the strawberries. Place the strawberries in the slicer so its length is running parallel to the wires in the egg slicer. If the strawberries are large, cut the halves into 6 or more pieces, depending on the size of the berry.
To clean strawberries, gently wipe off each berry with a wet paper towel or gently rinse under cold water and drain in a colander. The flexibility of the bag makes it more difficult to fill without spilling when the strawberries have a lot of liquid. Place freezer bags of strawberries flat on a solid surface to freeze, such as a baking sheet.
Place the baking sheet containing the strawberries in the coldest part of the freezer so they will freeze as quickly as possible. If you are freezing the berries to be used in specific quantities, fill each container with a premeasured amount. Then let the strawberries and sugar stand for a short period of time to allow the sugar to draw out the natural juices from the strawberries.
If using freezer bags, be careful the strawberries do not spill out of the bags as they are being filled.
When finished place the strawberries on a cookie sheet and put in the coldest part of the freezer. Because they are so porous, strawberries will absorb the water, causing them to become waterlogged and lose some of their flavor. Strawberries are used as an ingredient in many salads, pies, cakes, sorbets, and other desserts.

The strawberries should smell sweet, fruity, which is an indication that they will have a sweet flavor. Without washing, replace the strawberries back in their original container or place on a paper towel covered plate or pan and cover lightly with plastic wrap. Do not wash the strawberries if it is not necessary because they are porous and will soak up water quickly. Freezing strawberries will affect their texture but they will still be great for many uses, such as making jams, in pies, desserts, and as a sauce to top ice cream, cakes, waffles and pancakes. It must also have an airtight seal to prevent moisture loss and leakage, and to keep strawberries from absorbing unwanted odors. Do not place in freezer baskets while they are first freezing because they will form around the wire and be hard to get out or the bag may get punctured as it expands while freezing. The strawberries should be lightly covered to prevent their scent from penetrating other foods when stored in the refrigerator. There are three basic types of cultivated strawberries; June-bearing, Ever-bearing, and Day-Neutral. Day-Neutral strawberries like cool conditions for growing and are sensitive to heat and drought.
Before using any of the methods, there are some tips listed below that may help provide better quality frozen strawberries. When freezing strawberries, there are two types of packaging that can be used, rigid containers or sealable bags. If you prefer the berries remain in larger pieces after thawing, leave the strawberries whole or in halves when using this freezing method or use one of the methods above. Cultivated strawberries are grown to be larger so they attract the consumer's attention but wild strawberry varieties, even though they are smaller, have a tendency to be juicier and more flavorful. After the strawberries are coated, they should be placed in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. There are hundreds of different varieties of cultivated strawberries, which vary in size, shape, juiciness, texture, and sweetness. Strawberries mixed in a blender with ice cream, yogurt, milk or other fruits make delicious and healthy shakes. Always check the entire container of strawberries, top and bottom, to avoid purchasing berries that are dull, bruised, or moldy. There are also wild strawberries, which are much smaller than the cultivated varieties, but they are juicier and more flavorful. Generally the size of the strawberries is not an indication of how sweet and flavorful they are, although very large strawberries tend to be less flavorful. Strawberries are highly perishable so they should not be exposed to the sun or warm temperatures for any extended period of time.
If the strawberries are not going to be used within 2 or 3 days, they can be frozen to prevent them from spoiling.
Dried strawberries, which make sweet, chewy treats, are also quite common and are often added to snack mixes.

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