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Create funding strategies and opportunities that expand START’s portfolio of programs and projects, including engaging new potential funders, such as development donors, foundations, venture philanthropists, academic and private sector organizations. Work closely and effectively with the Board of Directors of START and the staff of the International START Secretariat to lead and represent the organization, develop new innovative alliances and partnerships, and secure funding for organization. The Center for Coastal Studies is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting scientific research with emphasis on marine mammals of the western North Atlantic and on the coastal and marine habitats and resources of the Gulf of Maine. The TTF promotes and represents the Timber Supply Chain at national and international levels, providing an influential voice and developing the timber industries’ commitment to growth and quality standards. Timber Harvesting magazine Contributing Editor Jennifer McCary discusses proposed changes in the trucking industry.

This article, titled “Boost Revenue, Morale And Safety Without Spending A Single Penny”, is supplied to Timber Harvesting magazine by Wendy Farrand, operating as WFarrand Consulting, a forest industry consultant who emphasizes the value of strengthening the people side of a logging business and the impact it has on safety, production, efficiency and professionalism. This article, written by Joe Rankin, originally appeared in Northern Woodlands magazine and is reprinted in Timber Harvesting magazine with permission. The new Head of Policy & Sustainability will represent a strong and profitable timber industry built on supplying the UK with sustainable and fit for purpose products. In the office, interns would learn data management and analysis skills and undertake tasks such as data entry, photographic matching and cataloging.
I always as a kid  wondered, where the timber would go when it left the woods and what it would become.

Turner writes, “Recently, during an Associated Oregon Loggers (AOL) executive committee meeting, I learned there was a timber company executive who was very concerned about the looming shortage of logging contractors.
But when I got older and learned the connections to logging, I discovered logging times and timber harvesting magazine.

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