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Basketball is one of the most popular sports around, and the college leagues are just as popular as the professional version. Meanwhile, the NBA is extremely popular and profitable, oftentimes drawing more fans to its Championship games than the NCAA does. Professional and college basketball are very similar, but also different enough to warrant comparison.
College basketball features several different rules than pro hoops, which can help make the game more accessible for students who might be good players, but not NBA-level. The college level also features more parity and unpredictability than the professional level.
Perhaps the biggest advantage that professional basketball has over its collegiate counterpart is simply that it’s professional. The professional level boasts different rules than college, and many of them are designed to make the game more challenging, and thus more satisfying to both watch and win. If you hate seeing the same teams winning every time, you might want to steer clear of the NBA.
Part of the reason is money, and what is known as a “soft cap.” In short, each team technically has a maximum amount of money they can spend, but there are tons of loopholes and complications that can be exploited, so a team can truly pay however much they want. The upcoming NCAA March Madness tournament, for example, is one of the most hyped sporting events around, with millions upon millions tuning in to see the Final Four teams battle it out for the National Championship. Read about the best and worst of each style, and then vote for which one you believe best represents the sport of basketball. The games are shorter (40 minutes as opposed to 48,) the three-point line is closer, and teams have more opportunities to call time-outs when necessary.

Dynasties are rare, due to the sheer number of teams playing, as well as the NCAA Tournament’s single elimination format.
Fans everywhere take part, by filling out their own brackets and predicting what teams advance and which ones go home.
Even at Division 1 level, many college players can be mediocre at best, and the vast majority do not sniff the next level.
The games are longer, the three-point line is pushed back, and teams don’t have quite as much freedom to call time out as the college side does. Though defense has been on the rise in recent years, making scores such as 132-127 a rarity, most teams still score 85-100 points a game. It has a longer shot clock (35 seconds, as opposed to the NBA’s 24,) which means less scoring and more stalling. To many people, the NCAA is exploiting their players by not paying them a dime, no matter how successful they turn out, or how many jersey they sell, or whether they appear on the cover of a hot-selling video games. Only ten teams have ever won more than one title, and two teams — the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers – have taken 50% of the Championships for themselves. This, to some, creates an atmosphere that is far less pure than college ball, with many a spoiled player only motivated by money, and the prospect of making more money. Half the games seemingly mean nothing, as a team can easily tread water the first 40-50 games, get hot for the second half, make the playoffs as a lower seed, and then step on the gas. College ball can be seen as more pure and exciting, due to its lack of pay and constant changing of the championship guard. These rules allow more people to play, but are still close enough to the professional game to keep things challenging and competitive.

However, if you are in the NBA, you are among the best in the world, even as a lower-ranked backup on a last-place team.
What started as an 8-team tournament in 1938 has gradually ballooned to include 68 teams, with rumors insisting they will eventually expand to at least 128 teams.
Everyone else, such as the coaches and NCAA administrative officials, is paid quite handsomely, and many people find that inherently unfair. In addition, a mere four teams have won 15 out of the last 20 NBA Championships, to further the lack-of-parity argument. However, a fan of professional ball could easily point to the more challenging rules, plus the overall skill level of even the lowest-ranked player, as rationale for choosing the NBA over the NCAA. Likewise, critics of professional ball can declare the out-of-control money system, meaningless first half, and complete lack of parity, as perfect reasons to pick college hoops. Twelve teams in the last 20 years have won the National Championship, and only one team (Florida) has won back-to-back titles. Whenever somebody asks if the best college team could beat the worst professional team, the answer is, very often, an easy win for the professionals.
If you’re the kind of fan who loves to see new faces winning more often, college basketball might be the spot for you.

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