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How to PlayClick the green button to start and enter the correct answers belowTeams that have not changed their logos, their current logo is used. Here are what I think to be the best primary and secondary logos in the Major League, in no particular order (with a little nostalgia based appreciation). The Reds' logo has been a variation of this since 1913, though there have been some missteps. The "A" in the middle is a keeper, going back to the Philadelphia days, and while the words or colors around it might change, it somehow takes diaper-green and diaper-yellow and makes it work. The best logos are usually the ones that remind you the team has been around since before the talkies, and the Tigers is the best of that bunch. Both the Angels and Mariners logos are explosions at the bevel factory, and they've aged as well as a Marcy Playground album.

We don't need Chief Wahoo to keep the conversation moving about the plight of Native Americans, past and present. There have been missteps along the way, like morose Tiger and this, but the classic logo is still one of the best ever.
It should be noted that the team had some serious logo attention deficit disorder for most of its time in New York.
I'm concerned with gender inequality in the workplace, and I think there should be more conversation about it. It's hard to make orange work at all, so kudos to the Astros for a logo redesign that works this well. It's the contrast, I suppose, and it's a way to get red, white, and blue into a logo without beating you over the head with it.

It reminded you the full weight and force of the Federal government was possibly behind every Senators pitch, and there's a nifty comic-book "W" thrown in. I don't think the Padres changing their logo and mascot to Sandwich-Makin' Samantha would advance that conversation. There's also no sense making fun of a list if I'm not going to contribute to the discussion. It's swoopy and bubbly, and the team's name is in a lowercase typewriter font, or something.

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