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Australian sports bettors have little to say about the Centrebet and Sportingbet brands, justifying William Hill CEO Ralph Topping’s decision to consolidate Hills’ operations in the country. The state government in the Australian Capital Territory is looking to sell its ACTAB betting agency rather than invest any more money into the business.
The only other state-owned TAB, TAB Western Australia, isn’t for sale, although WA Premier Colin Barnett said “components” of the operation could go on the block to help reduce government debt. Australian sports betting survey finds Sportsbet, TAB top brands, while William Hill's brands fare poorly; ACTAB for sale, TAB WA rebrands.
This August, consumer research firm Global Reviews asked Australians if they could name any sports betting companies without prompting and Hills’ most recent acquisition Tom Waterhouse scored an impressive 43% initial recall rate.
Centrebet’s brand preference rate was half that of Waterhouse’s, while Sportingbet didn’t even make the top-five.

Barnett said there were “some contradictions” in the state owning a betting operation while restricting the number of video poker (pokie) machines at the Crown Perth casino. The changes include new store signage and a new TABtouch website, while Racing Radio is now known as TABradio. Then again, that may have been the plan of 303Lowe’s head of strategy Derry Simpson, who said the challenge facing his company was dealing with the TAB’s “aging customer base.” So the old folks get a 90-second dose of feel-good pseudo-patriotism, while the “younger punting audience” that TAB is looking to attract has a chuckle at the irony. But when consumers were asked to express a preference for a particular betting brand, the Waterhouse ranking fell to just 12%. Paddy Power subsidiary Sportsbet topped the preference chart with 34% followed by Tabcorp’s TAB offshoot at 21%.
But Barnett vowed to hold on to the TAB because it supported the state’s racing industry, which would otherwise get out its begging bowl with “request after request for track upgrades” and such.

Or maybe both groups get pissed at being patronized and go bet with those Godless sodomites at Sportsbet.
Among consumers who couldn’t name a betting brand without prompting, TAB took top preference honors at 33% with Sportsbet not far behind at 27%. The disregard that Topping (pictured above) reserves for Tabcorp and other “comfortable monopolies” was already public knowledge, so this just adds fuel to the fire.

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