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Never before was there any initiative from governments to run totalisator betting services anywhere in the world. Run by the New Zealand tab or totalisator agency board controlling races of all kinds from horses, greyhounds to sports gambling, it has branches all over New Zealand as well as all the racing venues in the country.Fixed odds betting, very popular among some sports bettors, was added to the list in 1996 when the betting operations magnified with the arrival of the internet. Fixed odds\' betting in the tab sports bet was introduced in gambling for the horse and greyhound races. Among other bookmakers the need to introduce fixed odds betting in other parts of the world began at about the same time.But the New Zealand government initially legalized the three major as well as very popular sports for betting professionals.

But popular demand for inclusion of more sports under tab sports betting led to 26 more from all over the world.
Some are played in New Zealand while others are unique to the countries in which they are played.While baseball is quintessentially American, rugby is played by New Zealanders, football by everyone, golf and tennis, also popular sports in New Zealand, was included.
But shearing or sheep shearing was included in tab sport bet and it was typically Oceanic in nature. They wanted to know how many were involved in the sport and what was the prospect of the tab sports bet industry that was starting to grow.

It was found that sale of horses overseas brought in more than 0 million to the government exchequer and the tab sports bet industry employed nearly 20,000 people in various activities for which more than 9 million was paid out as salaries and wages.

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