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These stock investing tips focus on the successful investor’s mindset, attitude and behavior. Reminiscing from my failed experiments in investing, I realize now that I fell victim to two types of emotions: Arrogance (I thought I knew what I was doing), and Excitement (I believed I was going to solve my financial problems with a couple of master strokes). In the high school where I teach, business students are busy working their online brokerage accounts, playing the stock market game by “investing” thousands of dollars in stocks of their choice.
For those who want to get educated about the stock market and investing or trading, there are many free resources you can get by tuning into investment communities or discount brokerages. To become successful with stock investing or stock trading, you need two things: education and experience.
All the above is of course, for the younger generation; if you are over 50, like me, play it safe and stick to index funds and municipal bonds.
We need sources of information on how to invest effectively that do not have big financial ties to The Stock Selling Industry. When it comes to investing, there is no substitute for acquiring a firm financial education.

Often, investors starting out will attempt to trade stocks while ignoring the fact that they have inadequate insurance coverage or a less than healthy emergency fund. I especially like #4 because it applies to not only the stock market, but to all areas of life.
When stocks are insanely overpriced, the way to keep your risk profile roughly constant is to sell stocks.
I would like to see lots of blogs formed that aim to tell people the straight story about balancing risk and reward, not the Passive Investing story. But The Stock Selling Industry is not going to promote common-sense investing until lots of middle-class investors insist that they do so. Many people take the little money that they have and hope that by some luck the market god’s are going to favor them and give them bucket load of returns. Quiet frankly, it’s the mental aspect of investing that is the trick to being successful. They will, like Warren Buffet, avoid gambling on hunches and they will put their money into a stock, ETF or mutual fund only after a very careful analysis.

I have been researching this for a long time and what my research tells me is that the thing that makes stocks risky is buying them at insanely high prices.
Not long after, the market crashed taking with it my investment, which quickly eroded into one tenth of its initial value (instead of turning into the ten bagger I was sure it would be). There has never been a time in the historical record when those who ignored price did well in the long term and there has never been a time in the historical record when those who lowered their stock allocations at times of insanely high prices did poorly in the long term. In the long run, as you already know, the market (with the help of a diversified investment portfolio) will give you the best rewards.

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