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ShareTweetThe San Antonio Spurs released their 82-game regular season schedule for the 2015-2016 NBA season Wednesday evening. Before displaying the full 82-game schedule, here are a few notes about the Spurs’ upcoming schedule.
The Spurs’ annual Rodeo Road Trip will be eight games long, beginning on February 9 at Miami, and ending February 27 in Houston.

The Spurs are slated for 21 National TV games this season, and if you were to include NBATV broadcasting some games, it would be a total of 29 games. The Spurs will open the season on the road in Oklahoma City against the Thunder on October 28, and the schedule will come to a close at Dallas against the Mavericks on April 13.
The Spurs will face the Heat and Orlando Magic on February 9 and 10, then get seven days off for the All-Star break, before resuming the road trip in Los Angeles against the Clippers, Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz and Rockets.

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