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Conveniently located just a block off-Strip and across the street from the Las Vegas convention center, the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has been completely redesigned in the past few years, and boy does it ever show. While the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino has spent a lot of effort making their rooms and restaurants worthy of their neighbors, it’s in their Casino and Sports book that the LVH truly shines. Located smack-dab on the casino floor, things are decidedly up-tempo at the Tempo lounge, where every night the entertainment after-party takes place.
It wasn’t a glorious day for many Las Vegas bookmakers last night after the Green Bay Packers took down the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV. Considering the Packers and the Steelers were sporting the top two defenses in the league, the Total of the game was set accordingly by bookmakers. It’s not too surprising that Vegas sportsbooks got taken to the woodshed in Super Bowl XLV. Not since LBJ made The Decision last summer, has one single decision made such a huge impact on a sport, until Judge David Doty rendered his ruling.

Canadians love to pick an outright winner in sports betting, but right now, the century old law prevents Canadians from betting on a single event or game.
Canadian laws preventing single game sports betting have been around since the early 1900’s and was a deterrent to prevent fixing sporting events.  Obviously, now with the amount of sports betting that takes place in Canada and around the world and technology that we have today, this would be almost impossible today.
Single game sports betting for Canadians are happening every day because of the availability of online betting sites.  According to the Vancouver Sun, the NHL vice president Bill Daly said, “We are not in favor of any move away from parlay betting in provincial lottery games”. CGA vice president, Paul burns who supports the passing of the bill stated, with single game sports betting sportsbooks, about 95% of the money would be returned to Canadian gamblers.  Whereas right now, only 60% of money wagered on parlay bets is returned to players. This is a huge difference and will definitely put more money back in the pockets of Canadians who bet on sports.  With online sportsbooks you can bet on single sports games and that is one of the reasons why Canadians love to gamble online. Instead, the game turned into a bit of a shootout in the second half and the total shot well over the mark set by many bookmakers in Vegas at 45.5.
It’s rumored that one of the most feared sports bettors, Billy Walters cashed in on a lucrative bet on the Packers in a Las Vegas Sportsbook.

Whereas online sportsbooks treat customers fairly and that is why they offer lots of different betting types for Canadians. Factor in that some Green Bay fans were able to place halftime bets on the Steelers favored at 2.5, and the fact that the Packers covered the spread and many Vegas sportsbooks found themselves taken to the cleaners by proud Green Bay Packers fans and savvy bettors. In comparison to Las Vegas Sportsbooks, the international online companies are well known for being much better bookmakers than the big casinos in Vegas and are less susceptible to being cleaned out when things go bad.

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