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For those who may be unfamiliar with the Football Outsiders stats, they are explained at the bottom of the page. Maxwell primarily lines up on the offense's left, and Sherman on the offense's right, although the Seahawks did finally start moving things around at times this year.
Against Buffalo GB was able to run as the Bills typically had only six guys near the line of scrimmage. Seattle's defense is better than Buffalo's but on the front seven the Buffalo line has the advantage while the Seattle linebackers are light years better. I really like the Packers' line, but I really don't like immobile qbs against extremely good defenses in playoff games, in a place where a silent count will be the norm.

All of that about the line is true, and more than overshadowed by their HOF qb not being able to do all the stuff he normally can which makes him so dangerous.
Green Bay was sixth in run offense DVOA, including second on first downs (behind only the Seahawks), but Seattle was second in run defense DVOA (including third on first downs) and fifth in Adjusted Line Yards.
The Seahawks were only fourth in Adjusted Line Yards, in part because ALY doesn't account for all those Russell Wilson keepers, but they were also fourth in Second-Level Yards (5 to 10 yards past the line of scrimmage) and 11th in Open-Field Yards (11-plus yards past the line of scrimmage). If GB can block THAT line I have a sliver of hope that the Packers can manage to hold their own against Seattle. And just a note from last week is that it was crazy to watch how Seattle didn't even use the usual playground football--expect to see more of that this game.

Eddie Lacy was one of the best receiving backs in football this year, finishing fourth in receiving DYAR and ninth in DVOA with 42 catches for 427 yards and four touchdowns. Ricardo Lockette (50.1% DVOA on 15 targets) might be the replacement in the lineup, but he's really much more of a deep threat, not a versatile slot player.

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