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Last week the four major sports leagues in America along with the NCAA filed a joint lawsuit against the state of Delaware in an effort to block the states motion to legalize sports betting. There is a problem that I have with these major sports leagues trying to block Delaware’s proposed legislation. Two years ago the NBA invaded Las Vegas, the capital of gambling in America, for All-Star Weekend.
Enough to be able to say that I have made wagers totaling over 4 digits (000s) mark in the last calendar year.

It was much talked about then as it was looked at as a testing ground for future major sporting events or even a future franchise. I think gambling can actually help the economy and states should be able to entertain sports betting or casino play.
It only takes one game from one of the major sports getting fixed to ruin the legitimacy of all sports in America. They know that the legitimacy of their games could be called into question if sports betting hits the mainstream.

It’s a fine line and those people who Mohegan Sun is targeting with their sports bar at Yankee Stadium are the same people who are likely going to wager on a game.

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