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Screens:  Over 40 screens of varying sizes in the sports book with nearly 100 individual monitors. The Orleans sports book is an old school-type of spot with all of the modern amenities a solid Vegas sports book should have.
This sports book has ample seating and an open feel to a space that’s right in the middle of the casino action. Whether you are staying at the property or decide to get away from the craziness of the strip for a little while, The Orleans sports book is a solid option.
The Play Bar is directly adjacent to the sports book and drinks are comped if you are placing sports or horse racing bets.
If you’re looking for a larger sports book nearby, The Mandalay Bay sports book can be accessed via a sky bridge that takes you through the Mandalay Place shopping and restaurant area. You will earn 4.7 % rewards on this hotel, on top of already being the guaranteed best price.
See our new collection of half price shows, not the typical low quality half price shows, these are top quality Las Vegas Shows that You can order in advance for half price. The Mirage returned to being one of the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas when they renovated in March 2013.
The sportsbook at Red Rock Resort is without a doubt the best sportsbook off the Vegas Strip. The Golden Nugget Sports Book features a giant video screen that encompasses the full southern wall of the space.
The Grille is located directly adjacent to the sports book and it’s a convenient spot for some quick eats while hanging out at the sports book.
If You are going to bet on sports during Your Las Vegas Visit, You have lots of choices in where to do so. Bally's Sports Book can be a really happening spot on College football Saturday and NFL football Sunday.

If You find Yourself on the North end of the strip, You should check this brand new Circus Circus sports book out. The Bellagio Sports book sometimes feels more like a library, No One gets excited but its worth a visit just to see the expensive furnishings.
The sports book caters to both sports and horse players alike with a “Pick the Pros” contest during football season and a very popular Horse Player World Series held every year in late March.
That alone will lure some sports book fans that are staying at the south end of the strip to the Egyptian themed hotel to watch and bet on sports.
There are varying degrees of greatness but sportsbooks are the best place in the casino as far as I’m concerned. Watching the games is the reason I’m at the sportsbook so the quality of the TV screens usually matters more than anything else. The  Mirage sportsbook renovation removed about a third of the old desk seating and replaced it with big comfy chairs. There is also a screen at every seat and additional flat screens throughout the sports book, giving the Golden Nugget the distinction of having more TVs per square foot than any other sports book in town. Its more of a lounge than a sports book, They offer the remote betting and the actual betting window is a tiny area in the corner.
The screens on the individual monitors aren’t the best, however the larger overhead screens are more than acceptable for sports viewing or catching a horse race or two. Backstage Deli, located near the Criss Angel Theater, has some decent deli style food that you can take back to the sports book. Since I’m at sportsbooks often people ask my opinion so I figured that I should have a current list as football season is upon us.
The lighting and TV screens at The Venetian sportsbook are by far the best and brightest of any sportsbook in Las Vegas.
As part of the renovation The Mirage also added a gigantic TV screen that spans almost the entire huge sportsbook.

Wynn opened in 2005 but when you’re sitting in the large sportsbook it may as well be 1995. This means two things A) There are a ton of screens and B) The Golden Nugget Sports Book is on the small side, albeit larger than most sports books downtown.
Update: The Cosmopolitan has a new sports book on the second floor but this first floor book still takes bets in the small booth in the corner. And this book is really out of the main action of the Strip, stuck way down the south end, not really close to other Casinos. The made to order omelets, like at its sister property the Gold Coast, are some of the best in town. The Venetian sportsbook is operated by Cantor Gaming and looks similar to all of their sportsbooks in Las Vegas with red desks and big office chairs.
It is also very difficult to use the best betting tool available because the closest sports book that has a different line is a long walk away.
If it wasn’t for those beautiful TV screens this sportsbook would have zero vibe but those TV screens make up for any lack of atmosphere from the decor. The sportsbook manager decides which games shown and what size they are based on bets made so if you want to see a game make sure you place your bets here. They have remote betting now so You can walk all over the Casino while placing Your sports bets. The Wynn sportsbook is one of the few remaining independently operated sportsbooks and you’ll always get fair lines here.
The saving grace for service at the The Venetian sportsbook are the quick and polite bartenders.

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