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Combinatorics: Calculate, generate exponents, permutations, sets, arrangements, combinations for any numbers and words.
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2012 NBA Picks LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Betting Odds: Trying to keep Kobe Bryant and the Lakers from overtaking the top spot in the Pacific Division, the (21-12) LA Clippers [-8] will look for a win over the (15-20) Phoenix Suns [+8] tonight in the desert.

Tonight’s game will be very telling in determining how far the Clips have grown as a team and what the immediate future hold for them. The watchdogs at eBay already (and promptly!) solved one case of plagiarism of one of Ion Saliu creations (a pick-3 lottery system)! The very original formulas and theories are always backed by specific computer software programs.
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US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ, will be the site for this terrific 2012 NBA picks matchup, which tips off at 10:30 PM ET on ESPN. With the Lakers stepping on their heels, trailing by a single game, this could be a crucial stretch for a young Clippers team trying to establish themselves as contenders in the West.

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