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College football's craziest time of year is upon us as the nation's best teams meet for one last shot at glory.
The 2009 AFC Championship game is a match up of division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, this one should be a defensive match-up since both teams are known for their defense.
Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Ravens in the two games they met during the regular season, those matchups were decided by three and four points, once in overtime and the Steelers were unable to beat the Ravens convincing enough to make them a sure bet to advance to Super Bowl XLIII. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat a Chargers team that finished the season just 8-8, and although they have won their last five games, they were all against teams that were either barely .500 or had losing records, the exception being the close game against the Colts.
The Steelers have not been tested since week 15 against the Ravens, in a game they barely won. The Ravens offense has been able to score when it is most needed against teams with tough defenses, as can be seen by the way Ravens rookie quarterback Joe Flacco was able to set up the game winning field goal on an excellent 51-yard drive.
And with a trip to Super Bowl XLIII at stake, expect these guys to go at it with complete disregard to human life. The winner of this game will not necessarily be the team that can grind out the most yards and be the most consistent offensively, the Ravens-Titans game last Saturday is a testament to that.

The Ravens soundly defeated the Dolphins and won a gritty game against the Titans, proving they can win no matter the circumstances. 2, including two national semifinal games that will determine who fights for the College Football Playoff National Championship on Jan. Brian McIntyre.  He was sitting almost alone and there was no one waiting in line (compared to today's media circus). Media pressrooms at Deadline are still the last plantations.  Pioneering broadcaster and former NBA CBS basketball analyst Sonny Hill and now a sports talk show host on WIP Radio in Philadelphia said, "I am not surprised by Rhoden's statement, very little has changed in media pressrooms. James Brown (CBS Sports) another mis-guilded brother claiming to be a minority baseball owner and an expert on racism.
The game had been played in the Bahamas the previous year without incident or controversy. It was obvious that there was a power-play being made by the league office to cancel the game.
I tried to explain that playing the game was no different then one of the players participating in a pick-up game on a New York City playground in the off season.
Carson or took anything from the suggestion of the NAACP and the Urban League to mention establishing an urban jobs program for black America during his state of the Union speech---Good luck again! I remember the television promo for Black Historical Colleges that said "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" the same can be said about one's ego!  See Dr.

Leahy argues, came at the cost of ever being able to write something critical about his celebrity subject.Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are immensely talented individuals and about 15 years ago, they were our sports writing idols. In their prime at the Washington Post, they were among the best sports writers in the country.
I tried to explain that playing the game was no different then one of the players participating in a pick-up game on a New York City playground in the off season. Leo Hill kicked me to the curve for stealing home to lose a ball game with our best hitter at the plate and final at bat.

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