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The Sydney-based Proton Trading Fund claims to have a $10 million pool to bet on the AFL, cricket, and horse racing on local Betfair exchanges and international markets.
The trading fund has been seeking to recruit elite athletes, including AFL and NRL players and jockeys, to join the scheme, raising concerns about the potential for match or race fixing. The fund, which was advertised through an Instagram ­account, sought investments of up to $250,000, claiming it was capped at $10 million. It's not the links to professional sportsmen they should be concerned about, it's the fact it is a complete scam! The company said in a statement that it has signed a deal with the local government for the new Wanda Sports building in Huadu, a suburban district in Guangzhou. According to Wang, the group plans to bring at least two top global sports events every year to Guangzhou over the next three years. Wanda has become the world's largest company in the sports industry through a series of global acquisitions, the company said.
Earlier, Wanda said it would make more acquisitions in the sports sector, as the company has outlined a strategic plan to make sports one of its pillar industries for long-term growth.
Xie Liang, a veteran sports commentator with Radio Guangdong, said the new Wanda headquarters in Guangzhou would play a significant role in boosting China's sports industry. China outlined a plan to speed up development of the sports industry in October 2014, with the industrial value estimated to surpass 5 trillion yuan ($775 billion) by 2025. Like Wanda, several large companies like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd and video content provider LeTV Holdings Co Ltd have announced plans to enter the sports industry.

Alibaba announced in September it was setting up a new unit, Ali Sports, to tap into China's sports market and to use digital technology to transform the entire industry chain. The number of deals declined by 47 percent while the value of funds raised dropped by 99 percent from the level of the previous year. Analysts said that the long-anticipated N-board will help growth of enterprises with cutting-edge technologies or commercial models as funding will be easier for them. The N-board will add to investment channels and let professional expertise play a bigger role, said sources.
Zhou Liujun, director-general of the department of outward investment and economic cooperation at the ministry, said new trade measures such as cross-border e-commerce, multi-modal logistics services and government procurement trade have helped private companies diversify their global sales channels during the past five years. It forbids P2P lending companies from carrying out 12 kinds of businesses, including accumulating funds from lenders, providing guarantees to lenders, promising to preserve the lenders' capital and interests, as well as selling bank wealth management products, funds, insurance and trust products. The regulator said that non-banking online payment platforms cannot directly provide financial services like lending, securities investment and insurance.
Dishonest information will also be considered when setting up commercial banks' branches and securities, fund management and insurance companies, and approving and managing qualified foreign institutional investors and RMB QFII quotas. The registration-based IPO system will pay more attention to information disclosure rather than corporate prospects and investment value. Analysts said the launch is part of the country's efforts to build a multiple-layer capital market, which will aid growth of small- and medium-sized firms, and increase investment channels for investors. Companies that have already received the backing of angel investors and those looking for Series A investment may want to consider listing, he said.

Meanwhile, aggressive buying in property stocks by cash-rich insurance funds could also lift the stock prices of the property sector substantially, prompting investors to reevaluate the investment opportunities in related industries like material producers, which for long have been depressed by their poor outlook, analysts said. But either the authorities don't care about that, or there aren't any laws to prosecute the fund organisers for.
The total value of funds raised in 2015 increased by 102 percent from the level in the previous year. It's like running in a race, and fundraising very often decides if you can start running ahead of others.
The high-tech channel will help startups to raise funds as part of a nationwide campaign to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. N-board serves as a funding channel that shortens the fundraising time," said a research note from Haitong Securities Co Ltd. November's data release confirms that China's real economy is stabilizing tentatively at low levels and we are far from seeing a fundamentals-driven rebound," said the report.

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