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Arbitrage betting is also referred to as miracle betting, sure betting or sports arbitrage. It is a kind of betting that allows the bettor to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the event.
In bettor slang arbitrage betting is often abbreviated to arb or arbs, those whom practice arbitrage betting are known colloquially as arbers. As of writing this article it is the most comprehensive arbritrage betting article you will find. If this isn’t the first online article you’ve read about arbitrage betting you’ve most likely come across the myth “Sportsbooks aren’t against arbitrage betting and they create arbitrage opportunities because they need to balance their book”. From a theoretical standpoint, arbitrage betting is flawless and guarantees a profit with each bet – assuming certain conditions are met. Betting on every available outcome, with a single bookie, will yield a negative return on investment. You’ll see average arb opportunity percentage bandied about in other articles, telling you that most arbitrage opportunities average 2-10% profit. Being an arbitrageur has been made much easier in recent years with the advent of comparative odds websites, Internet tracking and various different betting exchanges. Free arbitrage sites – A good few of these sites are about, they basically take out the hard work of having to look for arbs yourself. Paid arbitrage software – With a good number of free arbs sites around I don’t really see the need for paying for one, but if you think that’s the option for you then oddsmonkey look like they offer a good few extras. Arbitrage Calculators – This will be covered more in the next section, but a good arbitrage calculator is a must if you are serious about arbing, because with prices moving so fast doing the math’s yourself will result in missing some opportunities.
Normally other information such as the punters username will also be visible on the ticker, and each person will have been assigned to a betting category (a number, letter or more commonly a colour), this makes it easy for the risk team to identify problems. Iovation – This tools is firstly a fraud prevention tool, but works closely with many online betting sites. Arbitrage is a process that happens very, very quickly, to stay on top of it and to make money from it one will need to be knowledgeable in the betting world, have lots of allotted preparation time, dedication, discipline as well as strong financial backing. As stated previously there are many different types of arbitrage betting and below we will go through some of the more common types. This type of arbitrage betting involves taking vantage from various odds which are top price with different bookmakers. Betting exchanges are an excellent opportunity for those whom wish to place an arbitrage bet since they offer one the ability to bet for or against any given outcome.
This is a method rarely used because of the limited number of betting exchanges and firms other than betfair having low liquidity.
This type of arbitrage proceeds as usual, gathering up discrepant bets and betting a preset amount of money on the outcomes that will guarantee a profit (normally a free bet must be used in its entirety so make sure you have enough funds available in the other account you wish to arb with). There is another perk to bonus arbitrage betting and that lies in the fact that you don’t necessarily have to find an arb. There are two parts to successfully placing an arbitrage bet, firstly to work out if the book percentage will allow for a profitable arb, and secondly the stake amount that needs to be placed on each selection for an equal return no matter what the outcome (this stake amount can be altered if one decides to have more profit on one of the selections, but obviously there is only so much it can be altered before one portion of the arb risks a loss).
This is basically the addition of all the implied probabilities of your selections (you can also add the percentages together, whatever you find easier) and if the sum of this is less than 1 you have an arbitrage opportunity (best mention here that you must have all possible outcomes covered).

Working out how much to stake is a bit beyond the scope of this article so please pop over to our back-lay calculator and Dutching calculator pages where you’ll also see arbitrage betting examples. When you first come across arbitrage betting you may have thought you’d found the betting Holy Grail, and in theory I guess it is. Live arbing is the next logical step for a budding sports arbitrageur, lured in with the greater number of arbitrage opportunities and faster payout live games seem like a great new hunting ground, but don’t let this blind you from the added dangers live arbing brings. As already alluded to, in-play sports have a greater number of arbs, particularly right after a major incident like a red card or a goal being scored. Multiple opportunities in the same event – While watching the match, or other sporting event, there is no reason for you to just arb the once. Secondly, bookmakers may reduce you betting limits if you are found to be arbing, they will not inform you of this (if they decide to close your account you’ll normally be told) so if you try get the second portion of your arb on, you might find you’re only aloud a small percentage of the amount you need to completely green out. As bookies are getting more sophisticated in spotting arbitrage opportunities and arbers this is a practice that will have a short shelf life. A sports betting lover with many years of industry experience, working in roles such as in-play trader, pre-event odds compiler, risk management and trading solutions (a team with the goal of automating all aspects of the trading room). Wow, I have read a lot of articles on arbitrage betting as it’s something I get involved in every now and then.
It is a particular kind of arbitrage that occurs in betting markets when there is a difference of opinion among bookmakers or just a straight out error. It is more successful when there are fewer possible outcomes; as such, most types of sports betting (especially those which do not allow for a draw) are ideal for arbitrage betting. In fact, other than Pinnacle, SBO and a few other Asian bookies, and of course the betting exchanges; all other bookies will shut you down if they believe you’re an arber. The process relies on the fact that bookmakers in sports often disagree on the odds of a game’s outcome, since many factors come into play (unlike casino betting, where everything theoretically has a fixed probability). Though this technological leeway is a double edged sword in most circumstances, for these same technological tools allow bookmakers to more easily uncover instances of arbitrage betting and eliminate them. The main problem with these sites is finding one the updates fast enough, has the bookmakers and betting exchanges you use and offers more than the main full time match result market. Here bookies will share information about unwanted customers and as the Iovation website proudly states, this also prevents Arbitrage betting. Generally an odds movement will happen first with Asian bookies, these bookmakers normally except money from betting syndicates and professional punters. Ideally when using bonus arbitrage betting you want to lose the money from the site you are getting the free bet from, the reasons for this will be discussed in a minute, but basically it’s to avoid conditions bookmakers place on free bets. Bookmakers’ learn fast, and originally what they called a free bet actually was just a free bet; in fact many bookies offered a no deposit free bet in the early days of online betting.
This is because the live trader wants to get the betting markets reopened as soon as possible, and doesn’t have time to make sure all odds are in line with the rest of the industry. In order to stop court siders (people at the live event betting with the purpose of beating the televised delay) bookies all have a bet acceptance delay, normally between 6 and 10 seconds. If a major incident occurs while you only have one side of your arbitrage on then all markets will be suspended and reopened with new odds that reflex what happened. Bookmakers might look like they have a massive selection of different football bets, but most market are calculated using goal expectance and team supremacy.

And even if you aren’t identified as an arbitrageur, a bookmaker might not be overly confident in the odds that they offer, so cut the amount anyone can bet on it.
We all make mistakes, and with a faster moving math’s based betting system this only increases the chances of mistakes.
If you know the basics behind arbitrage betting you may want to skip a few sections, but I assure you that even a seasoned arber will find new and interesting information here. They offer arbs because the betting market isn’t stable enough to gauge the correct price or because a market moves or trader error and sometimes because they have an opinion that goes against the market price. However, if the difference in odds between two bookmakers is great enough, one can successfully place arbitrage bets with two different parties.
This is accomplished through keeping their (the bookmaker’s) odds in line with competitors across all betting markets, since arbitrage bettors are essentially creating their own book through this practice. Remember sports arbitrage betting is completely legal, so once your bet has been accepted and you haven’t got on a palpable error, you don’t have to worry about the result. It is, in principle, very much the same as multi back sports arbitrage betting which was previously discussed only this technique uses betting against as well as betting for an outcome to achieve arbitrage.
As betting exchanges’ don’t make money from balancing a book, being peer to peer betting, they all must charge a commission on winning bets.
Obviously with a limited number of betting exchanges it’s best to look for arbing opportunities in two way betting markets. If simply to open accounts with all the major bookies and to grow your betting bank with minimum risk. This commission ranges from 2-5 percent, depending on which betting exchange you use and how much commission you have paid previously.
As with back-lay arbitrage you’ll also have commission to deal with so make sure you know what you have to pay at each of the exchanges.
Because of how easy this is to spot most punters starting out arbitrage betting will use this system first.
Learning about book percentages, price movement and managing risk will come in handy in a variety of other betting systems and practices. Using our Dutching calculator will give you the correct stake limits to place on each selection.
Recommended betting exchanges are betfair, Ladbrokes exchange (same as betdaq), WBX and Smarkets. The very nature of live betting means odds will change every few minutes, and some live traders will alter prices faster than others (and sometimes these changes are automated and don’t take into account what’s happening on the field). They lower your limits to use you as a cheap marker, once they see you having a bet (in which they will lose pennies) they now know an arbitrage opportunity is available.
So what are the next steps arbitrageur’s normally make when moving on from basic arbitrage betting.

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