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The Sporting News may be the sports authority, but it's a raw rookie in the video game world. Rounding out this month's mini-tribute to the sport of baseball is The Sporting News Power Baseball for Super NES. There are better arcade-style baseball cartridges available for the Super NES, but The Sporting News Power Baseball by no means disappoints. The Sporting News Baseball shows that novices, no matter how authoritative, still need some seasoning.

Baseball fans probably demand more stats than the fans of any other sport, and that's another reason that this game fades in the standings.
Like the other two baseball cartridges featured in this section, this game focuses on arcade action more than simulation - and actually goes further to that end than the other two we've looked at. Baseball arcade game and Nintendo's Ken Griffey Presents Major League Baseball: fast action that will test your reflexes and simple controls that take no time to learn.
The intent is to provide a fast, action-packed baseball game that doesn't get bogged down in strategy and numbers.

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