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Spread Betting in the UK is a rapidly growing industry as punters demand more choice and the ability to bet on 'what they want' - not just run of the mill outcomes like the match result and correct scores.
Watch any live soccer game and at half-time you will see Ray Winstone wandering around a collapsing pitch on one such advert, trying to talk you into having a spread-type bet with a non-spread betting bookmaker! The problem for normal bookies is that spread markets are very clumsy with conventional odds - they work best with spread markets that are constantly updating and fluid, that's why there is no substitute for betting with a recognized spread betting firm such as Extrabet, Sporting Index or Spreadex.

Although sports spread betting has been around in the USA for many years (mainly in Las Vegas), spread betting in the UK has only really taken off in the last fifteen years since the emergence of the Internet.
This has changed beyond recognition in the last five years and spread betting in the UK is now a whole new ball game!
The future for spread betting in the UK is a bright one – for as the number of participants increase, then so will the variety of markets on offer and the margins needed by the spread companies to make a profit should shrink.

With the emergence of PCs, laptops and mobile betting platform such as Iphones and tablets you can now view the current spread markets and then have a spread bet from practically anywhere!

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