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In Herbie: Fully Loaded, someone notes that the speedometer goes past 200 mph, and comments that someone was very optimistic. In Herbie Goes Bananas, he spends most of the movie very rusty and covered in child-made graffiti. Today, it is widely understood that in order for the protagonists to be able to plausibly visit a new Planet of Hats every week, they need to travel through space at speeds faster than that of light itself. Sometimes, FTL travel is only possible between specific points — the entrances to wormholes, for example, or alien artifacts that can accelerate ships to FTL speeds (it's reasonably common for this to be the leftovers of an ancient galaxy-spanning civilization, often functioning as a Portal Network). From a Troper's perspective, the story-telling implications of the type of FTL travel used in a work are usually more important than the technobabble behind it.
Both these tropes have many of the same difficulties with known physics as Faster-Than-Light Travel itself. Even though going faster than light is already extreme in itself, some actually take it Up to Eleven with Ludicrous Speed, where traveling at such speeds results in usually unpleasant side effects. Macross Frontier reveals that all Fold technology in the series is derived from a space-faring species known as the Vajra, who are able to do it naturally, without the aid of technology. In Legend of Galactic Heroes, faster-than-light travel is achieved via "warp drives", which actually function more like "jump" drives in the trope description. Superman routinely could fly faster than the speed of light between the late Golden Age through the end of the Bronze Age, usually to travel across space.
Spaceballs spoofs the aforementioned Star Wars with the Ludicrous Speed drive, which instead of the star trail line effect, creates a plaid effect around the ship and is often seen to overshoot its destination.
In The Neverending Story II, the evil empress Xayide and her minions go underground, while the narrator explains that they will be traveling at "at the Speed of Darkness, which is faster than light".
Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence series intended to deconstruct this trope's implications in physics: here, Faster Than Light travel also results in paradox-free Time Travel (a main character in the novel Exultant accidentally travels back to meet himself from "two years ago"), which both sides in humanity's war with the Xeelee regularly exploit. The trope is doubly true after Curtis literally shoots his plane to pieces, then ultimately averted after it's rebuilt by Piccolo aviation.
In real life, the Hudson Hornet was specifically built as a racing car, but to modern eyes it just looks like an "old grandpa car", as McQueen puts it in the movie.
Errant Venture dances around the trope: she's a seriously awesome ship for a single man to own, were it not horribly expensive and impractical (and illegal!) to keep her completely armed and operational.
Banzai runners are people who have extremely high speed street races in 'stock' Ferraris and Porsches. One is disappointed because its parts are nothing special and "its got no flash", but the boss thinks its still a good catch because it's very easy to maintain and extremely resilient, which more than a few spacers would no doubt find attractive. Two examples are the trophy Toyota Hilux pickup truck, which looks like a tragic wreck because the presenters tried to kill it and failed, and "Oliver," Richard Hammond's tiny but plucky 1963 Opel Kadett. Specifically, the original design was extremely ambitious, cramming enough firepower to give a Romulan warbird pause into one of the smallest hulls in Starfleet servicenote the SFX team were really bad at keeping her on-screen size consistent, but canonically she's only about as long as one of the Enterprise-D's warp nacelles and an equally overpowered propulsion system to give her enough speed and agility to do a pretty good impression of a Space Fighter. This approach to the trope often means that the ship itself isn't actually required to have any Applied Phlebotinum on-board; on the other hand, sometimes a ship will have its own FTL drive, but can only use it at certain special locations scattered throughout the universe. Photons travelling through various translucent gaseous, crystalline or liquid media move at large fractions of the speed of light. Understanding the things that happen as you approach the speed of light is so perplexing that it took great minds years to figure it out - but it takes no training to make up a story that happens in space. The speed indicator lights showed another speed, "Ridiculous Speed", nestled in between Light Speed and Ludicrous Speed.
The funny thing is that there are also stasis modules for space travel, which would be unnecessary if the ships achieved a high enough relativistic speed (due to Time Dilation). Games of note after this retool included the two Shift games (2009 and 2011) by Slightly Mad Studios, which had an organized track racing format similar to the failed ProStreet, and Criterion Games' 2010 reboot of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which went to back to racing with exotics in a fantastic environment that added a focus on online social gameplay with their Autolog system.

The actual Technobabble explanation for FTL travel in works that use this "restricted" flavor of the trope can still fit into any of the above categories.
It should be noted that any particular name used for FTL travel does not necessarily have to correspond to a specific means of travel as described earlier in this article. One measures the length of a meter, or tries to determine if the speed of light has changed over time.
Tropes Are Not Bad, so writers will merely say you can go faster than light in their fictional universe, or make things in the universe close, like making planets akin to cities in a county.
This is quite plausible, the outer Solar System is bignote for comparison, the real life probe New Horizons was launched off of Earth at extremely high speeds and used a gravity slingshot around Jupiter, and it still took nine and a half years to reach Pluto. One is given to wonder what would have become of our heroes in the Winnebago had Dark Helmet opted to chase them at only Ridiculous Speed. All speed and distance is nil in hyperspace, and the whole galaxy itself is nothing but a dimensionless point (hence the idea that one could cross it easily). The important distinction from a story-telling perspective is that our protagonists first have to use conventional, comparatively slow travel to reach some special location before they can warp away across the galaxy. Despite its speed light imparts very little impact due to light having negligible mass - remember you yourself block the light slamming into you at that speed and create a shadow with no ill effects. However in real life physics, that's exactly what you get when you travel at a very relativistic but still subluminal speed. It has mismatched hull plates, welds and patches all over, and rattles like it's about to explode when it first accelerates to warp speed. It's weaponry and shields are on par with the X-wing and it has a slight edge in both speed and maneuverability, at the price of not having a cockpit atmosphere, being slightly more fragile hull-wise and being a logistics nightmare (since it needs spares from two different manufacturers in two warring states). Oddly enough this rarely uses Teleportation Tropes excepting perhaps Tele-Frag as those are personal tropes.
They (with Criterion's help) released the Spiritual Successor to 2010's Hot Pursuit with Need for Speed Rivals in 2013.
Sometimes, a "restricted" style of FTL will occur side-by-side with the more general form of the trope; for example, characters may use their ship's self-sufficient warp drive to travel to a few neighbouring planets, but may need to reach a special wormhole to access some really remote and mysterious location.
A film loosely based on the series starring Aaron Paul was released in 2014, but EA released no new NFS game that year.Ghost Games took two years to develop the next title, a complete reboot of the series titled just Need for Speed, released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2015, with a Windows release coming in 2016.
The subtitle-free installment returned to the tuner culture aspects of the Need for Speed: Underground sub-series.
After being added to the side in the first game and removed in the second game in 1997, police chases would become the defining aspect of the NFS series starting with Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998). Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The Funimation release has Shutter Speed instead of "Girls on Film". Always Someone Better: In the reboot, during the last stretch of the Speed career path, Spike becomes steadily more and more jealous of the Player Character's abilities behind the wheel, causing some friction between the two. Mind you, Hot Pursuit 2010 absolutely loves this trope, heck, fairly early in the game (whichever side of the law you are on), you're gonna get a preview of a handful of cars you won't be driving for a while.
After beating it (hopefully considering it's an easy race), the woman explains about mods, EasyDrive, Speed Points, billboards, speed cameras, smash gates, the police, and the Most Wanted List (this game's version of the Blacklist), you are then free to do whatever you want to go up the ranks to beat and earn the "Most Wanted" cars. It relied on the classic trick of a two-tiered currency system, with one tier being in-game money and the other, SpeedBoost, required you to pay real money. You could still go anywhere in the in-game world you'd like and play any events so long as you had the car for it, but SpeedBoost was required to get most of the best cars, card packs, and so on. It got to the point that not only did the Most Wanted 2012's mobile version had it as the last unlockable car, it would later appear as the "Most Wanted" car for the main version's Need for Speed Heroes pack. In Classic and Time Trap modes, the police react to the first call of them engaging pursuit with a speeder - usually the next unit up the road will lay out a roadblock or spike strip to hopefully intercept them. In Getaway if they spot the speeder (if they're not hiding in a tunnel), they will call out them out, all the police AI react and start swarming towards the location and the speeder's location will appear on the radar.

Unlike later games (see below), in High Stakes if you haven't already been chased by the police in a race it's entirely possible to drive right by them with no consequences if you're doing the speed limit and not being reckless.
Artificial Stupidity: It is possible in Most Wanted 2005 to get arrested for doing under the speed limit on the correct side of the road and get maybe one infraction. Getting Arrested Is a Slap on the Wrist: Played straight in 2012 (lose all your accumulated Speed Points from the pursuit and return to your last-used Jack Spot), but averted brutally in 2005. World was definitely this as well, as a lot of the nicer cars cost SpeedBoost (which was a real-money-based currency in that game).
Powershot is only usable with a full tank, as it empties the tank for a full boost of acceleration, at a sacrifice of some top speed. Optional Traffic Laws: In the 2005 game, when you attract police attention, your police scanner will let you know if the police are looking for a reckless driver in general, or your car specifically (the difference between "caller did not get a good look" and "suspect is driving a [color] [make]").
Similarly, the McLaren F1 appeared first in Need for Speed II and missed two games until Hot Pursuit 2, then missed the Underground games, Most Wanted 2005 and Carbon, and only returning as a DLC car in ProStreet. Alternately, one of its limited edition models, the F1 LM, first appeared in Hot Pursuit 2 (alongside the standard model), then reappeared in Most Wanted 2012 as part of the Ultimate Speed DLC Pack and again in Rivals as a Redview County Police Department unit.
The BMW M3 GTR also reappeared in the mobile version, as well as the Need for Speed Heroes pack in the main version.
A No Limits special event has you racing a blue-and-silver BMWnote This one being an M4 F82 that looks similar to the M3 GTR E46 to go against Razor.
Road Block: Probably one of the best ways to ramp up your Bounty and Cost-to-State in the 2005 game, and Speed Points in the 2012 game.
The 2012 game has several references to past NFS and Burnout games as shown in the Easter Eggs section of its Need for Speed Wiki article. The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: On many occasions, you'll be surprised to discover that the police SUV, is in fact much faster than your tricked out McLaren F1 running at top speed. It has cars with variable top speed (not even a Veyron Super Sport can outrun them without few difficulties), it loves to stalk you at will, and continuously spams roadblocks on roads where crossroads are absent or just far away. Eventually, the Huayra would become available to other games outside of the Need for Speed franchise.
Razor also added a vanity license plate to your M3 as shown in a cutscene, spelling - you guessed it - "RAZOR". 2012 has some cars hiding in Jack Spots with dates referring to past release dates for previous Need for Speed games. In Need for Speed Rivals, you have the option of downloading a free DLC that contains the mighty Koenigsegg One:1, a hypercar whose goal is to make an entire category class based on extreme high-performance vehicles with itself being the first. This is actually a Justified Trope in real life, as it's much more easier to sell and fix a car that appears to have came from the factory vs. The trope itself becomes deconstructed in the Cop career's ending, with F-8 getting fired for his excessive use of brutality. In addition, it is possible to get caught in a pileup at a roadblock with other drivers, leading to some hilarious, spectacular moments as one watches cars suddenly become wrecked by a fender bender. For instance, it's reasonable for them to call out when you're heading into a small, specific area, such as the bus station.
Also, if you hit the car that spots you before its driver can say his first line, rather than chasing you because you're a speeder, he'll say he's chasing you because you rammed him. Most consider those two cars the worst for races as they have a slower speed, tricky handling, and their acceleration isn't really one of the best. Obfuscating Disability: Suitengu spends a short time pretending to be wheelchair-bound after Shinzen shoots him in both knees.

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