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Oh yes, there is also our very own Major League Soccer, which is of course based in the United States. Obviously, there are any number of different game situations that could be the subject of action. As well as the various domestic leagues and cup competitions, soccer fans may also bet on all major international events such as the World Cup and the Euros, the Champions League, African Cup of Nations, Confederations Cup and numerous others.
If you conducted a survey of soccer bettors, you might be surprised to find that even though they may live in one country, they bet quite a bit on another country’s league.

December 26, 2015, No Comments on Bowl Game Betting – (9) FSU vs (18) Houston is Just Peachy! Get our full list of our top rated sports betting sites and read reviews of our experiences before you drop a Dime! And remember that there are not a lot of goals scored in a soccer game, so that probably makes totals betting a bit more difficult. Even in the United States, where Major League Soccer does not get an awful lot of attention (despite the L.A.

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