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Excavated starting in 2011, the site is largely inscrutable, even to the trained eye: The spot where more than a half million enslaved African men and women debarked after harrowing journeys across the Atlantic is an open archaeological pit containing a jumble of paving stones.
A few paragraphs-long cardboard signs are the sole indication of the historical significance of the site, which experts hail as one of a kind in the Americas.
The unearthing of Valongo, which was excavated as part of a multibillion-dollar project aimed at bringing big business to Rio's long derelict port neighborhood, has sparked heated discussions about how black heritage sites are handled in Brazil. Although historians and others knew Valongo's location, even after landfill at the turn of the century pushed the sea back several hundred feet and left the former wharf buried far inland, it wasn't until the $2 billion Porto Maravilha renovation project began five years ago that a remarkably well-preserved section of the site was revealed.
Zewde was in Rio working on transportation-related projects in between earning master's degrees at MIT and Harvard and was bowled over by the discovery of the site. Afghan security forces investigate at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday. Police declared an emergency at the crash site 20 kilometers east of the town of Julia Creek, which has been difficult to access due to flooding.

Police shot Quintonio LeGrier, 19, a male college student who was visiting his father, and Bettie Jones, a 55-year-old mother of five, on Saturday. LaTonya Jones, the daughter of Bettie Jones, holds a picture of her mother during a vigil outside her home on Sunday in Chicago, Illinois. 15 killed in Boko HaramattacksBoko Haram Islamic extremists struck the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri for the first time in months on Monday with rocket-propelled grenades and multiple suicide bombers, witnesses said.
In a separate development that underlined the rapidly changing military situation, a US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurds and Arab rebel groups said it had captured a dam from Islamic State on Saturday, cutting a main supply route of the militants across the Euphrates.
A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said it did not comment on particular situations for operational reasons.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II sits at a desk in the 18th Century Room on Friday at Buckingham Palace, in London.
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While the developers of the "Porto Maravilha (Marvelous Port)" project insist they've done more than enough by excavating the site, black activists say more is needed to give the space its due. A further 1,000 troops are on standby in case the situation gets worse, Downing Street said.
It should come as no surprise that Brazil is heavily favored to win the tournament, while rival Argentina sits closely behind.

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