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An icon of British sporting heritage, Ascot once again plays host to the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.
A friend of my dad is good friends with one of the crew members for Nicolas Ivanoff who is one of the pilots in the Red Bull Air Race and he invited us to come down to the airport today and check out the planes and meet some of the pilots. This guy's plane was being dissasembled for shipping becuase it had some issues and wasn't cleared to fly.
This is the plane that hit the water last race in Windsor Ontario, he wasn't cleared to fly either.

Kirby Chambliss' plane, the other Red Bull sponsored plane and I believe the only American pilot. Cockpit of Nicolas' plane, the orange you see in the bottom is actually the floor, it has a window in the bottom. The silver airplane that had the canopy failure suffered a prop strike on landing in New York, that is why they were packing up. This will very likely lead to serious sanctions by Red Bull against those teams with the MX airplanes.

What makes the MXS-R a stand-alone aircraft is that it is constructed entirely of aerospace-grade carbon fibre, which gives it superior strength and durability unlike any other.

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