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With the Idaho real estate market moving a bit quicker than it has over the past few years, there are more real estate investment loans moving through the office. There are many properties that are available that, with the right loan, actually give an investor a monthly profit. The more common way to finance an investment property is going to be with conventional financing. With interest rates at an all-time low and not likely to go any lower, I am on a perpetual hunt for investment properties. It’s important to know that Wisconsin investment properties require a more stringent set of guidelines to qualify for a purchase or a refinance. There are basically three ways to get investment property financing: through a conventional loan, commercial loan, or private financing with a portfolio product.

These loan programs are now straight forward and can be either a fixed term or adjustable rate. It’s very important to work with experience on this type of loan since the guidelines have really tightened up and limited investors on what they can qualify for. Rates have started up and they are bound to go higher Best to borrow when the rates are at or near their lowest in many many years Lock in that low rate and you'll be glad you did Business owners that have Real Estate put that equity in your Real Estate to work Large loans available and this can be the difference in make or break The limitations to growth are incomes and loans Income services the debt and make the economy grow Investment Real Estate refinancing get that lower rate and save a bundle Borrow from your Real Estate equity and make more profit and improve your market position for more sales growth. This type of loan is very hard to find and will only be reserved for top tier borrowers with long standing relationships with their respective lenders and have years of documented experience in the rental business.
This cause many ambitious borrowers to obtain several homes to use for investment purposes.
A commercial loan is generally reserved for high dollar amounts and larger investment projects such as apartment buildings, cooperative housing, and large PUD’s.

If you are refinancing an investment property we must show the income on the last 2 years on your tax returns and we are limited to only using net income shown plus the depreciation. When purchase an investment property the borrower must qualify with their current income OR if there is an existing lease while the property is changing hands the buyer can use 70% of the income from this property to qualify in addition to their current income. This caused a wave of foreclosures because of a combination of a downturn in the housing market and complicated loan products.

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