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Great site, I will be checking back for any new articles and linking back to you from my site. BridgeWell offers a full line of financing solutions for residential real estate investments. Our Staff of Experienced Professionals have funded over $200 million for Real Estate Investors since 1996. Providing Financial and Intellectual Capital to Companies that Own and Operate Real Estate.
Private real estate investors headquartered in Asia look set to be very active in the asset class over the next 12 months, according to an investor survey by Preqin, a leading alternative asset data and intelligence analysis firm. According to Preqin, over two-thirds of investors based in Asia have indicated that they are likely to make commitments in 2014, following a year when 56% of Asia-based investors committed to new funds. Preqin’s survey of 430 institutional investors across alternative assets in December 2013 found that only a quarter of Europe-based investors active in private real estate indicated that they are likely to make new commitments to the asset class in 2014, compared to 34% of North America-based investors and 70% of Asia-based investors.
Preqin warns that overall, real assets fundraising may not see as large an increase, with 24% of real estate investors expecting to commit less capital in 2014 than in 2013, and 31% of investors in infrastructure looking to put less capital to work, although a similar proportion do anticipate investing more in 2014.

Despite 2013 seeing private real estate fundraising reach a five-year high, with $77 billion raised from 168 funds reaching a final close, only 41% of investors surveyed in December 2013 committed to private real estate funds in the previous 12 months.
Activity in 2014 is likely to vary significantly according to institution size, with 59% of investors with $10bn or more in total assets under management expecting to make new commitments compared to just 26% of investors with less than $10bn in assets. On the multi-borrower side, the potential for volume is massively larger than on the single-family side, but the challenge until now has always been on how to scale this side of the business. Download your free copy of my customizable private lender presentation and speaking script. Bridgewell Capital, a Mortgage Lender Offering Programs for Investors with Bad Credit, Self-Employed or Foreclosed Properties in Central Florida. From the time of our founding in 1981, originally under the name Rothschild Realty, we have raised approximately $4.6 billion related to a wide array of real estate opportunities. This trend looks likely to continue in the year ahead, with many investors remaining cautious of committing capital to private real estate funds in 2014, as only 35% of investors surveyed intend to make new commitments over the next 12 months. Additionally, many active investors intend to commit to multiple funds in 2014, with 65% of investors planning to place capital in three or more private real estate funds.

There are also likely to be considerable regional variations, with 70% of Asia-based investors likely to make new commitments, compared to just 34% and 25% of North America- and Europe-based investors respectively. Trey has served as real estate editor for the Dallas Business Journal, and was one of the founding editors of D CEO Magazine. As such, despite only relatively few investors intending to make new commitments to the asset class in the year ahead, those that do commit are likely to place sizeable amounts of capital in multiple funds.
Institutions are also likely to target domestic opportunities in 2014, with 73%, 59% and 60% of North America-, Europe- and Asia-based investors planning to invest domestically respectively. However, with 31% of investors planning to increase their allocations to the asset class both in the next 12 months and the longer term, there is the potential for significant amounts of capital to flow into private real estate in the coming months.

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