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When I finally started the game, I was already captivated by the beauty of the title screen.
The story took so many twists and turns throughout the course of the game, and I loved every moment of it. I'll be honest, the graphics in this game aren't the greatest on the Wii, however, the art direction Xenoblade took definitely made up for it. VVVVVV - This eShop indie game is platformer based around the mechanic of switching the direction of gravity with a press of a button.
Mario Tennis Open - I was really looking forward to this game when it was first announced, and unfortunately it disappoints. One of the few gripes I had with Pokemon Black and White was the fact that it was impossible to catch your favourite Pokemon from previous generations in the main quest of the game. Through my first trip around Unova last year, I was engaged by the plot that unfolded right before my eyes--for the first time ever in a Pokemon game. I can bet that there's dozens of secrets and surprises throughout the game just waiting to be found by you, the player. I didn't think I would be getting this game, but I caved in and threw down $40 for Mario's latest adventure. But after reading the very positive reviews and hearing such great things about the game on MyIGN, I became more interested.
Even though there were a couple dull parts in the game, I was never truly bored because I was so inclined to see what will happen next to the cast of characters.
Overall, Pikmin 3 was a terrific experience: great HD visuals, addicting gameplay, and a charming atmosphere throughout the game. Since then, I have downloaded several games and apps from the eShop and bought 7 retail games.
It's quite a fun game, and you'll die a lot, but it's a short game; you can easily beat it in one sitting if you want to.
I feel like it doesn't have the same charm of the past Mario Tennis games, and it lacks an RPG single player mode.
Tight controls, fun tracks, kart customization, stable online play, and much more make this one of the best Mario Kart games to date.

It's like Sakurai was given the task of making a home console game, then having to port it to a handheld.
This game just made me feel warm and happy while playing it (except when I got to a puzzle I couldn't solve). Team Plasma's plan of world Pokemon liberation wasn't as predictable or cliche as past antagonistic teams' plans because of the twists and turns that surprised me throughout the game. The gameplay is extremely solid, but there isn't a whole lot to do (other than to play tennis, of course). I still wasn't extremely hyped to play the game (didn't even preorder a copy despite knowing the limited supply North America was getting), but I got it anyways from all the buzz.
I noticed that I felt a wide range of emotions and sensations throughout the game and I wanted to share them with you because I know all seven hundred and some followers deeply care about this. They know a 2D Mario game will sell, so they probably whipped this game up in a few months to add some life in the dry summer gaming release months. This is my favourite 3DS game for a number of reasons: The main and side characters in this game are very lovable, with clever dialogue and humor. Sinnoh is a nice region with a nice variety of Pokemon, but the way GameFreak designed the main quest was kind of strange.
Some puzzles were stupidly frustrating and there were a couple dull patches throughout the course of the game. Yeah, there wasn't much creativity that went into this game, but most of the levels were still a blast. I hadn't realized how lucky I was to get a copy until this year where the game is being sold for $80+. The uniqueness of the gameplay is unlike any other, giving you an experience that no other video game can offer. The pack-in game should be "find the bright light" a game where you hold up your vita up to lights until you find the brightest one on earth. Before I count down my top 5 3DS games, I will discuss my thoughts on the games that didn't make the cut. The gameplay is still solid, so pick this one up if you see it on sale and if you're a fan of tennis games.

I still had fun with this game: coin rush is a good idea and the DLC added some extra value.
I also enjoyed how the game took ideas from Zelda, all while differentiating itself from the Nintendo series. If I played this game with a more standard controller, then this wouldn't be an issue, but I only have a Wii to play this game on.
Two or there hours into the game I was completely shocked from what had happened in the game.
Yes this game would look better on a more powerful console, but it made the best out of the Wii's hardware. The visuals are gorgeous, so much so, I couldn't believe that this was a launch game in Japan as I watched the first few cutscenes. 2) I'm pretty sure I'm part of the minority here, but I found most of the music in the game to be incredibly irritating. Thinking about never playing this game is mind-blowing; it was a video game experience like no other I had before.
Finally, the game's natural nostalgic setting can bring distant memories of running through the woods on an autumn day, or building a snowman with a companion on a sunny winter afternoon. The devs at Level-5 managed to improve on the already solid Professor Layton formula in small ways that impacted the overall game. If you love a good mystery, or love teasing your brain, do yourself a favor and get this game immediately. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the games because of its challenge, visuals, treasure chest levels, and creativity.

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