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After Venditte was drafted, the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation issued a new rule regarding pitchers intending to use both arms in the same game, or against the same hitter in the same plate appearance. The righty-versus-lefty matchup can seem like another one of baseball's pointilistic, statistics-obsessed orthodoxies, but even two decades after playing high school ball, I can tell you it is real. So, straight away, MLB 15 The Show would need to build not only the means for a human player to select from which side he wanted to throw before and during each at-bat, it would need to create a computer logic for making those changes in a game against a human player. Multiplayer games would introduce another nightmare of coding, and not just because of the fixed pitching perspective they require for two human players.
So it will be interesting to see what happens this Monday when the next online roster update comes for MLB 15 The Show, and what side of the mound the game gives Pat Venditte, pitcher for Oakland. In-between games, even Franchise or Season-mode games, players may switch Venditte (or any other pitcher) to a different hand if they like.

Even in 2015, Venditte's true value to a team is unique — the player whose skills aren't replicable anywhere, in real life or a video game. Roster File is Polygon's news and opinion column on the intersection of sports and video games. You may now move on to other subjects, unless you're curious of how far "simulation-quality" sports video games are willing to go to live up to that. There are all sorts of technical requirements, and you can even see a big misunderstanding about it here, in last night's game. MLB The Show's ranked online play has for three years now implemented rules governing the use of pitchers, meant to reflect real-world fatigue and the fact you can't use the same starter day-after-day in real life.
While there are hundreds of distinct pitching animations in The Show; Venditte would mean one player would need to incorporate two.

The unofficial, fan-edited rosters that Operation Sports puts out — which include the unlicensed players in the minor leagues who have yet to join MLBPA — put Venditte as a lefthander.
Because in MLB 15 The Show on PlayStation 4, PS3 and PS Vita, Venditte would require tons of special programming, the same way Venditte requires his own rule in real-life professional baseball.
This is one of dozens of possibilities the game would have to account for, all for just the second player out of tens of thousands in Major League history since 1900 to throw with both arms.
In fact, I'm sure Sony San Diego is dreading the idea that Venditte becomes an all-star in his fifth year, for what it would do to their game.

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