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If you wish to skip the comprehensive review below, you can refer to our: summary of key advantages and disadvantages. A feature of Pinnacle Sports is that it enables Australians to bet online on sporting events which are in-play. This is in stark contrast to all Australian bookmakers, primarily because in-play online betting is specifically disallowed by our gaming licence regulations. Pinnacle Sports offer in-play betting on a wide range of sports, easily covering the codes which typical Australian square bettors trade in.
Pinnacle Sports offers one of the highest betting limits across sports bookmakers globally. In addition to high limits per bet, Pinnacle Sports allow an unlimited number of bets to be placed consecutively.
There are benefits to using Australian online bookmakers (such as the sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses and special betting offers), however these are short-term in nature.
Refer to the below tables of odds offered for some recent major sporting events, taken exactly 24hrs before each game. Pinnacle Sports cover most sports and leagues worldwide and offer numerous lines on each sporting event.
As a sign of the times, Pinnacle Sports now offer a betting category called "eSport" which caters to multiplayer video gaming and betting thereon.
Another major draw card of Pinnacle Sports is that it enables Australians to bet on in-play (live) sporting events online. Pinnacle Sports offer betting lines on the prominent multiplayer tournaments at the time, however frequently include games such as Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. Maximum betThe maximum limits vary per sport and league but are clearly marked on the odds screen before you bet. Identity checksPinnacle Sports reserves the right to request valid proof of identification from all players. Like most European and American bookmakers, Pinnacle Sports uses slightly different betting terminology to what Australians may be used to. Pinnacle Sports also has a mobile-specific betting website that allows players to place wagers using their tablets or smart phones. Pinnacle Sports have a reputation of providing the quickest payouts of all online bookmakers. When withdrawing via direct bank transfers the 3 business day delay is partly due to the manual processes at Pinnacle Sports and partly due to Australian banks requiring time to clear the funds.
Pinnacle Sports are based in Netherlands Antilles in the Southern Caribbean island of Curacao and is fully licenced and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, which also functions as the regulating body for the gaming industry.
Since launching in 1998, Pinnacle Sports have built a reputation among professional punters not just for providing the best odds, but also for their responsive and reliable customer support.
Pinnacle Sports operates on the lowest margins in the sports bookmaking industry, meaning they always has the highest odds.
Most sports and leagues worldwide are covered, and numerous lines are offered on each sporting event.

However, Pinnacle Sports are not an all-in-one solution for Australian punters due to the lack of horse racing and depth of Australian sporting leagues, which means that Australian punters will likely need to keep accounts open with Australian bookmakers. The team at Sports Arbitrage Australia have accounts with most Australian bookmakers in conjunction with an account at Pinnacle Sports, and we find that more than 80% of our square bets are placed through Pinnacle Sports. If you wager on sporting events with the goal of being successful in the long-term then a Pinnacle Sports account is a must have. Sports arbitrage can be complicated, and the content on this website should be used as a guide, rather than strictly followed. Pinnacle Sports, which was established in 1998, introduced a new type of margin pricing model–a reduced one.
While Pinnacles website may not be the easiest to use for everyone, it is still relatively simple. Boyle Sport offers a consistently friendly, quick & responsive help service by live chat, email and telephone (toll free only for Irish punters). Regular cash back offers and giveaways are promoted each week on golf, horse racing, tennis, football, in fact, on all major betting markets.
BoyleSports has been assessed for value bets and pricing and consistently offers good, competitive, prices on most horse racing and sporting events. The Boylesports team, made up of over 600 employees, offers some great online sports betting - especially Horse Racing and Football - and the focus is on friendly, no hassle service. The review is specifically written for an Australian audience because that is the focus of our website.
Any serious punter understands that obtaining the absolute best odds is critical to successful sports betting.
Typical line limits are $4,000 - $25,000, depending on the sport and time left until the match begins. These bonuses - which Pinnacle Sports do not provide - are in place to attract new business, but they do not benefit punters in the long-term. Despite significant growth in eSport, Pinnacle Sports is the only major bookmaker offering betting lines on eSport matches and tournaments. The standardised layout among Australian bookmakers is the three-column (navigation on the left, odds in the middle, betting slip on the right) format, whereas the Pinnacle Sports layout displays the navigation at the top of the page, the odds for the selected sport at the bottom, and the betting slip confirmation as a new page. In fact, Pinnacle Sports layout allows many more betting lines and options to be displayed on the one screen so for arbing it saves considerable time.
It is perfectly acceptable for the square punter, but because it is not as fully featured as the main website it should not be used for sports arbitrage.
In the instance that help is ever required, Pinnacle’s state of the art customer service team is readily available to help. Read this 2014 World Cup Group G betting review for an insight into how the group turned out and how accurate the pre-tournament odds were. Pinnacle Sports uses cookies to improve your user experience only and will not interfere with your privacy. You can also pay by bank draft or cheques - and make cash deposits and withdrawals by visiting any Boyle Sports shop.

The review covers all aspects of Pinnacle Sports including odds comparison, markets covered, features, website, customer support, licence, plus the pros and cons of using the bookmaker. The top grade of Australian sports are always covered by Pinnacle Sports, but secondary divisions are not. So if you bet on horses, trots or greyhounds then you will need to keep accounts open with the main Australian bookmakers or betting exchanges. The games that betting lines are offered on can vary (depending on upcoming tournaments), but frequently include games such as Starcraft 2 and Dota 2. Online in-play bets are offered on many sports, including but not limited to American football (NFL, NCAA), soccer (Champions League, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Europa League, A-League and many more), baseball (MLB, NPB), basketball (NBA, NCAA, NBL), tennis (almost every game worldwide) and ice hockey (NHL).
It was not designed by a graphic designer, marketer or anyone else with a creative bone in their body, and it makes the sports arbitrage experience that much better for it. At Sports Arbitrage Australia we have made dozens of calls with all Australian bookmakers customer support teams, but only had to contact Pinnacle Sports customer support twice, and in both instances they were in the right. This quick turnaround is paramount in sports arbitrage where money can be rolled over again and again on the same day to maximise profits for arbers. In sports arbitrage there are a handful of people building their own private arb finding software to increase their profitability. Professional sports punters and arbers already know the benefits of Pinnacle Sports and are betting with them frequently. Pinnacle is now a leader in the bookmaking industry and offers the quickest payouts available online. There is a minimum bet requirement which is geared toward people with moderate betting tendencies.
It is easy to find and place bets quickly and the Mobile (cell phone) betting service is great.
Payment processing is relatively quick and hassle-free at Boyle Sports.They do not charge any fees for transactions carried out on debit or credit cards. The review is completely unbiased and independent of Pinnacle Sports and information is up to date at January 2013. This is one of the reasons why Sports Arbitrage Australia recommend Skrill Moneybookers as the preferred funding choice for sports arbitrage.
You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Sports Arbitrage Australia and its agents and partners from and against any claim arising from or in any way related to your access or use of this website or our services, including any liability or expense arising from all claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, of every kind and nature. And there is no better place that attracts newbie sports bettors than the biggest international esports tournament in the world. Currently the following esports betting sites offer winner bets for The International 2015: bet-at-home, bet365 and pinnacle sports.
Everyone knows they are good, the best even, but they are not so much better than other professionals in their craft that they warrant some of the lines that they often command on betting websites.

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