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In the first half of the 20th century, and up until the end of the 1957 season, the Pacific Coast League had a unique postion among minor league baseball leagues. Most PCL players were locally born, and wages were so competitive with other leagues, and even with the major leagues, that many skilled players chose to remain out west in the PCL, rather than sign with major league teams in the east.
So the 1958 move west of the Dodgers and the Giants was not just a wrenching loss for the borough of Brooklyn and National League baseball fans in the New York City area, but it also spelt the end of a halcyon era in west coast baseball. The modern-day PCL took on 5 Midwest ball clubs in the autumn of 1997, when the American Association (minor league) folded. I am debating whether to do any more minor leagues, like the Double-A Eastern League and the Single-A South Atlantic League. That’s a good idea, but I am not interested in doing any other retro maps of minor leagues. Felix, there will be Independent league minor league baseball teams on my attendance map of the highest-drawing minor league baseball teams of 2011.

This was because all the other minor leagues had teams which were in close proximity to major league ball clubs. Of course, the PCL did produce some greats, indeed two of the all-time greatest ball players began here: Joe DiMaggio, with the San Francisco Seals, and Ted Williams, with the original, minor league San Diego Padres. I only did the little map of the old PCL teams (circa 1930s to 1957) because the PCL back then was an unusual and significant period in the minor leagues.
The map will show the top 122 best-drawing teams in all the minor league in USA, Canada, and Mexico, including 19 teams from Independent leagues (the map will show every minor league team that had an average attendance of 3,000 per game or higher in 2011).
The Los Angeles Angels were the flagship team and the second-most successful PCL team of the first 55 years of the league, winning 12 titles in that era (the San Francisco Seals won 14 titles in that era). But what really did in their preeminent status in the minor leagues was the arrival of two major league ball clubs. That winter, another city from the middle of the country was added to balance the league at an even amount of teams…the Memphis Redbirds.

Since 1998, the PCL has been a 16-team league, and it now stretches from the Pacific Coast inland, all the way east to middle Tennessee. Also in 1998, the Fresno Grizzlies joined the league (with the franchise that left Phoenix after Phoenix got an MLB team). After the Dodgers displaced both the Los Angeles Angels and the Hollywood Stars; and the Giants displaced the San Francisco Seals, these three ball clubs were forced to relocate to smaller markets, and the clout that the league had disappeared, almost overnight, as its once captive markets had a higher calibre of baseball nearby to follow, and its three strongest franchises were neutered. This was part of the Pacific Coast League’s attempt to become the third major league, alongside the American League and the National League.

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