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Online gambling operators taking horse racing wagers from Connecticut residents have been told to stop drinking Sportech’s milkshake. The online gambling companies in question were apparently all US-based, with letters destined for addresses in Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Florida and Ohio.
Earlier this week, Sportech received regulatory approval to open its second sports bar, restaurant and betting venue in the state.
The sorry state of horse racing in three states -- Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania -- all desperate to find remedies, but coming up empty.

Mohegan Sun blackjack dealer charged with first-degree larceny for overpaying player $78k by slipping $100 chips into stacks of $5 chips. In addition to its online site, Sportech also operates 12 off-track betting outlets in Connecticut under its Winners brand. The new Bobby V’s Restaurant and Sports Bar will be located in downtown Stamford and will be operated in partnership with former baseball great turned restaurateur Bobby Valentine. All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation.

Apparently, this is news to some 28 other online gambling companies, all of which were sent ‘cease and desist’ letters from Department of Consumer Protection commissioner William Rubenstein and Attorney General George Jepsen.
Earlier this year, Sportech opened the state’s first such venue in Bradley, a 10k-square-foot space offering food, drinks and wagering on jai alai, greyhound and horse races.

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